'90 Day Fiancé' Star Paul Staehle Went Missing in Brazil — Is He Alive?

After going missing in Brazil, '90 90 Day Fiancé' star Paul Staehle has officially been found and confirmed to be alive. Read on for more details.


Sep. 5 2023, Updated 12:03 p.m. ET

Since leaving 90 Day Fiancé, stars Karine and Paul Staehle have generated plenty of headlines for their tumultuous relationship. The two separated but recently reunited after their children were put in foster care. As they attempt to regain custody, Karine made a few Instagram posts that have some wondering what happened to Paul.

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Wait, what happened to Paul? Karine's posts have suggested that something quite severe may have occurred, putting a spotlight on their relationship. Read on for more details, including if Paul is alive.

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What happened to Paul from '90 Day Fiancé'?

In a post on her Instagram Story from Aug. 31, Karine asked for prayers for Paul. She wrote that he was in Brazil and had been missing for at least a day. Karine, who is a native of Brazil, did not appear to be there with Paul and instead shared a photo of herself at a Kroger after posting the message about Paul.

She also posted what appeared to be a tribute to Paul, seemingly suggesting that he died: "Not all of our memories were bad. Our children loved you very much," she wrote alongside a slideshow of Paul with their kids. "We will never [forget] you or the good memories we all shared."

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On Sept. 1, 2023, blogger and reality TV guru John Yates, who's been closely following the situation, shared a series of messages between Paul and his mother. After sharing his location, Paul said he "got lost" during a solo outing and "f--ked up bad." He told his mom he needed a boat before telling her to contact his friends who could help him.

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Paul's last message was sent at 1:38 a.m. before the contact ended. His mother tried calling him twice, but sadly, there was no answer. However, just three days after being reported missing, Paul has been found "OK and alive."

Paul Staehle has been found "OK and alive."

"I'm so grateful that he's OK and alive, but he's still not in a good situation," Paul's mom, Mary, revealed in a YouTube Live interview with John on Sunday, September 3. "He's still not back out of the woods yet, but I know he's alive."

She confirmed that Paul was in danger after taking a "canoe-type boat" out at night to the "wrong place."

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"I think it's stupid, I don't know why he would go somewhere at night by himself alone, and [they] said it might've been that place everyone was talking about that was so dangerous," she added. "He freaked out ... and then he found a way to get back over to this village, so he's in some remote village, over there somewhere."

Mary continued, "This is a good lesson for him, to not do things like this. I don't know where his mind was at the night, I'm just glad he's alive though."

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Karine and Paul had a tumultuous relationship.

Karine and Paul have hurled allegations at one another at various points since leaving the show, with Karine claiming that Paul had been abusive and Paul suggesting that Karine had tried to have him killed. The two split up and then got back together again, and then split up again, leading the Department of Child Services to intervene and remove their two sons from their care.

At around the time they lost custody, Karine reported Paul missing, and there was even some speculation that he had abducted one of their children. He later returned and said that he wasn't actually fleeing but was just looking for a job in other states. All in all, Paul and Karine have proven to be one of the more volatile couples in the history of 90 Day Fiancé, although most of that volatility happened after they left the show.

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