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Source: Instagram

Richard Simmons Was TV's Most Enthusiastic Fitness Guru but Now He's Nowhere to Be Seen


Who doesn't remember TV's original infomercial god, Richard Simmons? Born Milton Teagle Simmons, the fitness guru adopted the name Richard Simmons and took over our TV sets as a small time actor and a big time fitness expert. But what ever happened to him?

What happened to Richard Simmons?

The fitness mogul took an interest in healthier living after moving to Los Angeles in the '70s and getting work as a Maitre d'hotel at Derek's restaurant. He managed to lose 123lbs but saw that a lot of established gyms at the time seemed to cater to already fit people and not those who were looking to get out of unhealthy ruts. Which is why he established an exercise studio called The Anatomy Asylum which later became Slimmons.