Christian TikToker Rubee Lana Has Announced That She's Deleting All Social Media

After posting a lengthy video on YouTube, fans are concerned about TikToker Rubee Lana, who said she is deleting all her social media.


Aug. 9 2023, Published 10:30 a.m. ET

Thanks to her popularity among a certain set of religious TikTok users, Rubee Lana has gained a fairly substantial following on the platform and across social media more generally. Recently, though, some who have followed Rubee expressed concern after she posted a lengthy video announcing that she would be leaving social media altogether.

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Although taking a break from social media can definitely be a good thing, Rubee's exact reasons for leaving social media had people concerned that she might be falling prey to something sinister.

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What happened to TikToker Rubee Lana?

In a YouTube video that runs for more than 100 minutes, Rubee explained in detail why had decided to leave social media. Rubee explained that she had received a message on TikTok from someone claiming to be an apostle, and the apostle said that they had a message from God and that she should join a Zoom meeting. The apostle then told her that God had set a deadline for her to delete all social media, which she didn't initially want to do.

The apostle said that Rubee had to join Free Him Now, a ministry that this apostle runs with her partner, apostle Berthold. Rubee explains in the video that this is not the first time she's heard from the apostles and followed their instructions. They had previously told her to move from California to Chicago and then to Florida.

As the video unfolded, Rubee also revealed that her sole source of income is currently social media, which she plans to delete on Aug. 14.

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Rubee then said she had met a man who was speaking in tongues and went back home after he told her to. Once she arrived home, though, she received a message from Berthold saying that she had committed a "grievous act" and would be kicked out of Free Him Now unless she fasted for three days and then signed a submission form.

She also said that she had fought with her parents over her decision.

Source: YouTube
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Fans are concerned about Rubee following the announcement.

While Rubee clearly trusts the apostles, many in the comments under her video, and also on TikTok, have expressed both skepticism and concern over whether Rubee is okay.

"I'm a very strong Christian who believes in following God wherever He leads you. That being said, from the very beginning of this video, I felt extremely unsettled, and my whole body felt on edge. Girl, with my whole heart, I don't think that was God talking to you. Something is very wrong here," one person wrote.

Someone on TikTok also noted that Rubee's video is edited in the exact same way as the apostles, suggesting that she showed it to them first. At this point, it's unclear whether Rubee will follow through on her promise to delete her social media or not, but fans are certainly concerned that the apostles she believes have shown her the right path are actually leading her astray.

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