What Happened to Schenee on 'My 600-lb Life'? Here's an Update on Her Journey

What happened to Schenee on 'My 600-lb Life? Was she finally able to get weight-loss surgery? Learn more about what she's up to today.

Michelle Stein - Author

May 13 2021, Published 12:16 p.m. ET

Schenee from 'My 600-lb Life'
Source: TLC

The stories featured on TLC's My 600-lb Life focus on morbidly-obese individuals taking drastic measures in order to finally take control of their lives. With the guidance of Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, aka Dr. Now, they embark on a journey in order to hopefully qualify for weight-loss surgery and become the best versions of themselves. It's not always clear by the end of each episode, however, if these individuals were ultimately successful in their goals.

So what happened to Schenee?

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Schenee from 'My 600-lb Life' struggled with her weight for years.

In Season 6, Episode 13, My 600-lb Life viewers were introduced to Schenee Murray-Hawkins, who was 27 years old at the time of filming.

"My husband Freddy pretty much does everything for me," the Indianapolis, Ind., woman confessed as Freddy sponge-bathed and powdered her in bed. "I feel like a burden to him. I feel like a burden to my family. I feel like a burden to everyone that's in my life."

schenee  lb life
Source: TLC
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Schenee's disordered eating stemmed from being sexually assaulted as a child, she explained on the show. Through the years, the weight kept packing on — and she experienced additional trauma through two miscarriages and a bacterial infection in her legs — to the point where she was essentially bedridden.

When Schenee first met with Dr. Now, she weighed in at 712 pounds.

dr now my  lb life
Source: TLC
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Dr. Now tried to help Schenee lose weight but unfortunately, she ended up gaining more because she couldn't follow through with this advice. 

"I need to see action. I need to see you commit to this program and lose weight like you're supposed to. There is no excuse for your lack of progress," he bluntly told her.

"But right now, the ball is in your court to make changes in your eating habits. And you haven't done that," Dr. Now continued. "We've given you all the help and resources you need ... and you haven't lost a single pound on your own."

Naturally, viewers have wondered what happened to her and how she's doing today.

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What happened to Schenee on 'My 600-lb Life'?

Since her My 600-lb Life episode titled "Schenee's Story" aired in 2018, it appears she has continued to strive for a healthier lifestyle. She started a GoFundMe campaign seeking financial assistance in order to help her to lose weight and take care of some other health issues.

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In December 2018, Schenee posted a photo of herself that reportedly showed weight loss of 259 pounds. She also shared at the time that she had been seen by her doctor for a potential blood clot in her leg (which actually turned out to be a potassium deficiency).

schenee my  lb life now
Source: TLC
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For a while after her My 600-lb Life episode aired, Schenee regularly updated her Facebook and Instagram accounts. She seemed to drop off from her public social media presence in summer 2020. So it's not clear, exactly, how her weight-loss journey is fairing today.

Source: Facebook

Watch My 600-lb Life Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST on TLC.

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