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Source: showbox

It Seems Like Everyone Was Streaming Their Favorite Programs on Showbox, So What Happened to It?


Pirating/sharing entertainment through peer-to-peer programs and torrent files has been one of the biggest joys on the internet for years now. It's not exactly legal, but it's still widely popular. However, some folks weren't too keen on hosting files all their own, which is understandable: many of us who've downloaded stuff in the past have received intimidating "cease and desist" letters in the mail.

Which is why many people turned to streaming sites like Showbox — but what happened to it?

For a good amount of time, it seemed like everyone and their uncle was streaming all of the shows they didn't have access to on Showbox. It first started off as a site where all you had to do was simply visit and browse for the movie or series you wanted to watch. No add-ons were necessary. There was no need to download any additional programs or store the files on your own hard drive. You just had to click on the file, maybe "x" out of a few ads, and you were good to go.