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Looks Like 'Minecraft' Had a Huge Problem With Skyblock in 'Roblox'



Roblox players are bummed out because, after logging in recently, they realized that their Skyblock games were all missing. If you're unfamiliar with Skyblock, then here's what you need to know: it was a mod that allowed users to build, explore, and interact with other players on a giant floating brick island. Oh, and it replicated a lot of Minecraft's functionality. You know, that other massively popular online brick-themed title? 

So what happened to Skyblock in Roblox?

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Did Skyblock get deleted?

It sure did. The popular Roblox in-game modification wasn't just experiencing server issues for a handful of players who enjoyed it, it's been permanently deleted from the game. There were throngs of players who took to social media to express their frustration. Many gamers lamented that they spent a considerable amount of time building their Skyblock world and logged significant progress, only to see it all go the way of the Dodo.

Source: Twitter
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Source: Twitter

Why did Skyblock get deleted from 'Roblox'?

The root of the issue was a DMCA complaint, or copyright issue and anyone who played the game and also Minecraft's SkyBlock will see why: It's basically a total clone of the popular M.C. title.

The ability to create one's own island, manage farms, cook different tasty meals, collect resources to build other specialty items and keep your floating island... uh... afloat, and selling loot for in-game cash is straight out of the O.G. SkyBlock.

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Some 75,000+ users were logging in to play Roblox SkyBlock, which only drew more eyes to the platform. Understandably, once folks saw the similarity to Minecraft and that the mod not only ripped off of another original game mode, but also its name, a copyright notice was sent right to the folks over at Roblox, who decided to take the mod down.

Source: Twitter
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That doesn't mean that the developers at Blockman GO studio didn't try their darndest to keep the game online. They thought it may have just been an issue with the name, so they changed the mod's name to Roblox Islands. Unfortunately, that didn't seem to do the trick either, and the game was still shut down.

The team behind Roblox SkyBlock, I mean, Islands, is working hard to get the title up and running again.

Source: Twitter
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Players aren't only just miffed that they can't play the game anymore, but there are a large number of folks who purchased VIP and premium packages to the title and they're essentially losing money because they aren't able to enjoy all of the features that they shelled out extra cash for.

Some Roblox gamers are a bit jaded by all of the mod shutdowns that have occurred as of late. Another high-usage in-game mod that was Pokemon-themed, Brick Bronze, was recently shut down after accruing a large number of users. That, too, was taken down thanks to a DMCA complaint.

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Source: Twitter

It's got more than a few people questioning what the point of forking over cash for cool mods from independent developers is if their games are ultimately just going to get shut down anyway.

Do you think that Roblox Islands has a chance of getting back online? Or do you think that its days are numbered? Maybe the devs wouldn't have been in this mess if they just changed the name to Islands in the first place?

Copying gameplay functionality is hardly cause for a DMCA shutdown, but when you're going after the total package and even go so far as to name your product the same as the game you're heavily drawing your inspiration from, then, it's definitely going to raise some eyebrows.

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