Sue Aikens Paid Tribute to Her Granddaughter on 'Life Below Zero'


Sep. 28 2023, Published 11:27 a.m. ET

The Gist:

  • During a recent episode of Life Below Zero, Sue Aikens discussed the death of her granddaughter Drew.
  • Sue seemed to be in mourning, but no details are available as to exactly what happened to Drew.
  • Fans of Sue's are offering her support as she works through what must be a difficult time in her personal life.
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Over the years, Sue Aikens has proven herself to be one of the most hard-bitten and talented survivalists out there, and her appearances on Life Below Zero have brought her grit to a wider audience. That's why it was so shocking for some to see Sue moved to tears during a recent episode where she paid tribute to both her sister and her granddaughter.

After Sue offered the tribute, many naturally wanted to learn more about what happened to Sue's granddaughter, and why she was in mourning for someone who was still so young.

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What happened to 'Life Below Zero' star Sue Aikens' granddaughter?

As Sue revealed in a recent episode, her granddaughter Drew McClurg recently died. Sue discussed how important her family is to her in the episode, and seemed genuinely shaken by losing her granddaughter.

The exact details around Drew's death aren't available, so we don't know for sure how she died. What we do know, though, is that Drew's death had a profound impact on Sue.

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Following the airing of that Season 21 episode, many viewers of the show were naturally worried about Sue, who so often is a beacon of light for those who watch Life Below Zero. In the comments under her most recent Instagram post, they offered their encouragement and let Sue know that they were thinking of her and praying for her.

"Praying for you Sue! Please take care of yourself. Life can be incredibly hard, but know you have lots of love and prayers holding you up," one person wrote in the comments.

"Hope you're doing better. I'm not sure of the lag time between filming and air, but, you were pretty down. Do you have an estimate of when you will be retiring and moving to your Cabin? Hope it's sooner than later, for your sake," another person added.

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In a post from roughly two years ago on Instagram, Sue wished Drew a happy birthday.

"Happy 18th Birthday to my grand daughter Drew!! Your presents didn't make it down in time... but your presence has filled my heart with Joy for everyday you have been here!! Papa Eddie is shining from above!! I love you!!!" she wrote in the post.

It's clear that Sue loved her granddaughter, and that fans are encouraging her to take the time she needs to work through her grief over her loss. While the details of Drew's death may not be public, it's very possible that Sue wants to keep this piece of her life private as she works through the grief that she's likely experiencing.

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