Jessie Holmes in 'Life Below Zero'
Source: National Geographic

Jessie Holmes' Injury Was a Major Wake-up Call for Him on 'Life Below Zero'

Callie (Carlos) Cadorniga - Author

Dec. 16 2021, Published 6:30 p.m. ET

The harsh and harrowing nature depicted on Life Below Zero has no mercy. While the stars prepare as much as they can to flourish within dangerous natural conditions, there's only so much they can do to prepare for the struggle. Of course, if they ever suffer an injury, it makes it even that much harder. Case in point: Jessie Holmes and the injury he sustained over the summer, which he had to bring with him into filming.

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Life Below Zero is a National Geographic documentary series. It chronicles various people who either camp out or live in harsh remote areas of Alaska. The subjects survive off the land and attempt to make a living in these unforgiving environments. Since the show's 2013 premiere, the series has been nominated for several Primetime Emmy Awards. But since the show documents real life, anything can happen. And even when you get hurt, your life in Alaska must press forward.

Jessie's injury featured on 'Life Below Zero'
Source: National Geographic
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How did Jessie Holmes from 'Life Below Zero' get injured?

Jessie Holmes first debuted on Life Below Zero in 2015. He lives in Brushkana, Alaska with 40 sled dogs, is an expert on mushing, and makes a living as a fisherman and hunter. When it comes to his specialties, arm strength plays a crucial role. So, when he got injured, it nearly changed his whole perspective on his difficult lifestyle.

In August 2021, Jessie posted on Instagram about an injury he sustained while riding a UTV. He reportedly broke his collarbone but said his recovery had been going well. "I have been using this time to reflect, heal and look towards the future," he wrote. "There are very bright things coming at Team Can't Stop."

True to looking toward the future, his November 2021 posts show Jessie back at mushing alongside his sled dogs.

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But now we're getting a glimpse into how the injury affected his life on the docuseries. Jesse was filmed practicing how to shoot a gun with his uninjured arm while still letting his injury heal. A promo shows him struggling to aim properly using an arm he isn't used to.

Source: Twitter
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"One of my biggest concerns right now is, if I'm gonna venture out, having a way I can protect myself. I can no longer shoot with my right arm," he admits. "The hardest thing was the realization that it was going to definitely change the whole outlook of my summer and part of my winter."

As the promo shows, Jesse is eventually able to hit his makeshift targets using his uninjured arm, but he also resolves to keep practicing in order to protect himself.

"This has taught me that I just have to always be on the top of my game. I feel like it was meant for me to have this wake-up call."

Life Below Zero airs on Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. EST on National Geographic.

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