YouTuber Tré Melvin Is Still Alive and Well, Despite What You May Have Heard

A fake obituary for YouTuber Tré Melvin has been circulating online, leading some to wonder what happened to him and whether he's OK.


May 5 2022, Published 9:45 a.m. ET

Unfortunately for those who have to constantly deal with them, fake death rumors are incredibly common online. The latest to be the subject of a death hoax is YouTuber Tré Melvin, who has taken a novel approach to the death rumors by starting them himself. On his Twitter account, Tré shared an image of himself along with the words "In Loving Memory of Tré Melvin" along with his date of birth and the date of his apparent death, May 6.

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What happened to Tré Melvin?

If you're a little bit confused by this obituary, which claims that Tré is going to die in the future, you should be aware that it seems like Tré is still alive and well. The tweet that featured the obituary image also included a link that leads you to a page on his website that's titled "Obituary."

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"An outdated variant of Dayton, Ohio-born actor, writer, producer, singer, songwriter, designer, poet, philanthropist, clairvoyant, and digital creator Tré Melvin peacefully departed this life, for the thousandth time, on Friday, May 6, 2022. Upon his deathbed, he documented his final thoughts," the site says.

The site then links to a YouTube page that is set to go live in the evening on May 5.

Although some people were understandably confused by the announcement that Tré has died, most seemed to realize that this was actually an elaborate publicity stunt designed to support new music. Rumors were circulating that he had gotten into a car accident, but those reports were actually from 2020. There has been no suggestion of a similar incident more recently.

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Fans were unhappy with Tré's announcement.

The notion that Tré had died unexpectedly may have captured people's attention, but most people were annoyed that they had been tricked into paying attention to what was clearly a fairly extreme publicity stunt.

"As one of your older support base (yeah, I'm old enough to be your momma, at least), I lovingly say to you, this isn't it, baby. You didn't need to go to this extreme to garner attention, your talent is too viable," one commenter wrote.

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Others added comments of their own, suggesting that someone who knows Tré should advise him to seek help. "If anyone personally knows him, y’all may want to send him help and try to reach him. I don’t know what this truly means. But as someone who deals with and goes through depression every day y’all might wanna send help as soon as possible," another person wrote.

While some were worried that Tré might actually hurt himself, others were upset that he would use something as serious as his own death for a publicity stunt. If the YouTube video turns out to be a debut of live music, plenty of people will likely feel like they have been betrayed by a YouTuber they used to follow closely. Regardless of what ultimately happens, it seems that Tré is still alive and well, and his fans can be grateful for that.

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