Leonard Finch Gets Sent to Jail for "Gross Indecency" in Season 6 of 'Grantchester'


Nov. 1 2021, Published 9:25 a.m. ET

Set in 1958 in the not-so-sleepy village of Grantchester, PBS's eponymous mystery period drama chronicles a vicar's attempts to solve the murder cases that keep the inhabitants of Grantchester awake at night.

Season 6 of the popular TV series kicked off on Oct. 3, 2021, on PBS, shedding light on some of the most horrendous events to rock the world of unsuspecting people like Mrs. Chapman (Tessa Peake-Jones), Amanda Hopkins (Morven Christie), and Leonard Finch (Al Weaver).

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Season 6 of 'Grantchester' takes a closer look at Leonard Finch grappling with social stigma.

In Season 6, Episode 2 of Grantchester, Leonard starts receiving obscure messages in the post. The Biblical verses are soon followed by horrifying letters demanding money unless he wishes to be ousted in public for his sexuality. Sent by a photographer, Bryan Stanford (Michael Abubakar), the hateful scribblings mark the beginning of a dark chapter in Leonard's life.

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Season 6, Episode 3, marks the beginning of a police investigation on Leonard's relationship with another man, Daniel Marlowe (Oliver Dimsdale). Season 6 of Grantchester references a piece of legislation that once poisoned the lives of gay people across the U.K. Set nine years before homosexuality became legal in 1967, the TV series looks at the ways the criminal justice system victimized many.

The second half of Season 6 is by no means more generous to the fan-favorite character.

With the case headed to trial, Leonard is facing the prospect of public denunciation. Instead of confronting the problem, he embraces decadence, listening to jazz, drinking, and smoking. In a heartbreaking scene, he and Daniel have a dance together in the starlit backyard.

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Leonard learns that he will be removed from his post as the curate regardless of the trial's outcome in Season 6, Episode 5. He receives a six-month prison sentence for gross indecency in the same episode — which throws off-course his and Daniel's plans to move to someplace new. Season 6, Episode 6 captures Will Davenport's (Tom Brittney) attempts to process the horrible news.

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"What's happening to Leonard on Grantchester is breaking my heart. I just want him to be happy," tweeted @rosereywriter.

"I just watched Grantchester. What the Dickens was wrong with that judge? I want Leonard back! " tweeted @Pamtastic721.

The search for the next curate begins soon after. What's more, Will finally gathers the strength to visit his old friend in prison. As part of the conversation, Leonard asks Will to pray for him.

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A tweet about Leonard's tragic fate in 'Grantchester'
Source: Twitter

Season 6, Episode 7 casts light on a mysterious murder case that took place inside the prison where Leonard is kept. As such, Will heads back to the jail alongside Geordie Keating (Robson Green). They also get the chance to exchange a few words with Leonard.

Leonard is released from prison as a reward for his help in exposing Reverend Byatt's (Paul Ryan) shady scheming at the end of Season 6.

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Is Al Weaver leaving 'Grantchester'?

With nearly two decades of experience under his belt, Al Weaver had plenty of opportunities to delight viewers with appearances in period dramas like Life in Squares — which offers a glimpse into the heydays of the Bloomsbury group — and BBC dramas like Press.

A sought-after actor, he also appeared in Mike Leigh's latest movie, the 2018 Peterloo. Al tends to keep things low-key, using Instagram to promote work projects and share snaps capturing his adventures with friends.

But it's uncertain what Al's future plans entail when it comes to Grantchester. His character has certainly been through a lot. We'll just have to keep watching to find out.

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