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Source: Getty

Other Than Trashing Oprah Winfrey, Kid Rock Has Been Doing Just Fine


Kid Rock recently got himself into a bit of hot water after drunkenly going off on a misogynistic tirade, trashing highly respected celebrities from Oprah Winfrey to Joy Behar, and even Kathy Lee Gifford, at his bar in Nashville, Tenn. A video from TMZ showed bouncers eventually removing him from the stage, with a rambunctious crowd cheering in the background.

Other than his latest problematic rants, however, it seems as though Kid Rock has been keeping himself busy — he's adding to his "American Badass" line, maintaining a vast collection of cars, and preparing to marry his fiancée. So if you're interested in keeping up with the fedora-wearing Michigan native, stay tuned for more on what Kid Rock is up to these days.