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Source: Byte

Looks Like Vine Is Coming Back as Byte, so 6 Second Videos Will Be Peppering the Internet Once More


Vine was a digital force to be reckoned when it was released. It not only helped launch the careers of some popular comedians, but provided the internet with tons of hilarious 6-second clips that still persist long after the platform shut down in 2017. Later that year, Vine's co-creator Dom Hofmann announced that he was working on a new video sharing app, and it's called Byte.

Although Snapchat and Instagram have their own video upload services, the real "spiritual successor" to the platform seems to be TikTok, which is all the rage these days. Vine's appeal, however, was the fact that it was like Twitter for video. Instead of 140 characters though, all you had was 6 seconds to get whatever you wanted to get across to your followers, which forced users to get super creative.