Meet Burgundy Waller, the Girl Behind the Chip Girl Here Account on TikTok


Jan. 14 2022, Published 2:58 p.m. ET

For many creators, TikTok is a place where you can show off parts of your life without showing your fans everything. Many fairly prominent TikTok creators have kept certain aspects of their life secret, including their faces or their names. In the case of Chip Girl, who goes by the handle @chipgirlhere, she has kept her real name a secret until fairly recently, when she finally posted a video revealing it.

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What is chipgirlhere's real name?

In a series of recent TikToks, Chip Girl teased that she would be revealing her real name in an upcoming video. In the first two videos, she showed the clip of her revealing her name, but cut out the sound when she actually said it. She also covered her lips with a black bar so that they would be impossible for anyone to read. In a third video, though she finally revealed her name and explained where it came from.

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As it turns out, Chip Girls' real name is Burgundy Waller, and she explained that that name is funny in part because she was raised Mormon, but her parents decided to name her after a wine, even though Mormons don't drink wine. Not a ton is known about Burgundy, but she lives in Las Vegas, and based on her posts, it's clear that she or her family is wealthy.

Who is Burgundy Waller?

Burgundy has amassed more than 2 million followers on TikTok in part through showing off various aspects of her life. She posts about her dogs, her children, and her husband, and she also shows off her collections of shoes and tries out on outfits in her videos. In general, her vides would be described as aspirational, and she also describes herself as a "digital creator" on her Instagram profile.

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Her slogan, for as much as she has one, is "what the tech," and it's a phrase she includes both in the captions to her videos and in the videos themselves. Burgundy has also leveraged her position as an influencer to advertise many of the products that she wears and models. By clicking on the link in her Instagram bio, you can purchase many of the items featured in her posts.

Source: TikTok
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Burgundy has managed to build up this reputation even though she had never revealed her name. Now that she has, it's clear that she's willing to be slightly more open with her followers about her life and who she is. Her following may only grow in the aftermath of her name reveal, which will likely draw additional attention to her profile as people discover who she actually is.

TikTok and other social media platforms can offer users a degree of privacy, but at some point, most people decide that it's time for them to step out from behind the curtain and reveal who they are. Often, revealing your real name can boost your profile and launch you into the next level of influencer dominance. It's unclear whether that'll happen for Burgundy, but it just might.

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