Double Eviction Is the Most Wonderful Time of the Year (or Season) for 'Big Brother' Fans

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Sep. 18 2023, Updated 12:14 p.m. ET

Julie Chen-Moonves
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  • A double eviction is a fast-paced night of game play on Big Brother.
  • There is usually at least one double eviction each season.
  • Some Big Brother seasons even have a triple eviction.

A double eviction on Big Brother is something most fans look forward to each season. If there's not a battleback, where evicted houseguests compete for a second chance in the house, you can bet there will be a double eviction.

But some fans may be wondering, what is a double eviction?

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Most seasons have one double eviction towards the end or even sometimes in the middle. It's a surprise to both houseguests and viewers. And it can mean a real shake-up in the game. Like when there's a huge power alliance and producers might not want players to get too comfortable with control over the house.

Then, a double eviction is thrown in to essentially switch up the game on them and force them to turn on each other. And it's amazing.

Bowie and Izzy from Season 25 of Big Brother
Source: CBS
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So, what is a double eviction on 'Big Brother'?

A double eviction happens on a Thursday night right after the standard weekly eviction occurs. Normally, houseguests have the week to win a Head of Household competition, select nominations for eviction, play a Veto game, and then vote on who they want gone.

With a double eviction, all of that is done in the span of one episode.

Yes, it's as wild and as fast-paced as it sounds. This usually makes it so the houseguests don't have much time to strategize or talk to their allies when putting up players for eviction or voting on them after.

So when the double eviction happens on Big Brother, houseguests will then be thrown into the HOH competition, followed by a nomination ceremony. After that, they'll play Veto. Then, voting happens. It's a week of action in one episode.

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Jared leads a nomination ceremony on Big Brother 25
Source: CBS

There are also triple evictions at times.

A less common occurrence in Big Brother is a triple eviction. They can happen, but they're much rarer. Instead of featuring the standard eviction and rapidly paced game to get another person out in the same night with a double eviction, this makes it possible to get three players out in one day.

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'Big Brother's first double eviction was in Season 5.

Although other seasons followed the fifth season with more and more double evictions, Season 5 started it all. In that instance, however, it played out differently and didn't occur directly after the usual live episode eviction.

In Season 7, double evictions as know them started. And since then, many Big Brother fans look forward to them.

The Big Brother game has changed a bit over the years, but most of its main components, including the Head of Household and Veto competitions and ceremonies, have remained the same. And there's always enough drama to go around.

Watch Big Brother on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8 p.m. EST on CBS.

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