What Is Limbro on 'FBoy Island'? It's a Far Cry from the Nice Guy Grotto

What Is Limbro on 'FBoy Island'? The FBoys go to Limbro once they are eliminated, while the Nice Guys get a different experience at the Nice Guy Grotto.

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Jul. 15 2022, Published 10:33 a.m. ET

Garrett Morosky
Source: HBO Max

Spoiler Alert: This article contains spoilers for the first three episodes of FBoy Island Season 2.

The HBO Max original, FBoy Island, returned for Season 2 on July 14, and new leads Mia Emani Jones, Tamaris Sepulveda, and Louise Barnard began making some tough elimination decisions right away.

Like the Season 1 leading ladies, Tamaris, Mia, and Louise are dating a group of men who are either Nice Guys (who are on the show for love), or FBoys (who may be there to steal the $100,000 final prize).

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Once the ladies decide to send someone home, he must reveal whether he is an FBoy, or a Nice Guy.

After an eliminated guy shares his status, his journey on FBoy Island isn't exactly over. While the Nice Guys get to spend time at the Nice Guy Grotto, which is an extension of the FBoy Island paradise, the FBoys must think about what they've done in Limbro.

What exactly is Limbro on FBoy Island? It's not a place that anyone wants to be.

Source: HBO Max
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What is Limbro on 'FBoy Island'?

After the leads decide who they want to send home, the guys on FBoy Island publicly reveal whether they are there for the right reasons (Nice Guys), or if they are there to potentially steal all of the money (FBoys).

Unlike the cast-off contestants on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette, the FBoys and Nice Guys on FBoy Island don't get to go home once they are eliminated.

Following their eliminations, the FBoys spend time in "Limbro," which is a gated purgatory-type destination with wooden beds, dirt floors, and no amenities. Limbro is meant to be a punishment for the guys who have come on the show as FBoys, so they can think about their actions. The ultimate FBoy, Season 1 star Garrett Morosky, is the gatekepper for Limbro on Season 2.

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Once the first eliminated FBoys arrived to Limbro on the new season, viewers got to see the Season 2 set-up for the first time.

"This place is god-awful," one of the cast-off FBoys said in the Season 2 premiere as the bamboo gates shut behind him.

"FBoys, I've been waiting for you," Garrett said. "Daddy's home!"

Source: HBO Max
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On Season 1, host Nikki Glaser would occasionally spend some time in Limbro trying to reform the FBoys with games and lessons. The men only got to exit Limbro (and the show) in the penultimate episode, when Nikki hosted the Mansplain (which is the show's version of the "Men Tell All" on The Bachelorette).

The men who have entered the show as Nice Guys get a very different experience when they are eliminated, as they get to bide their time at the "Nice Guy Grotto."

The non-FBoys get to spend time in Nice Guy Grotto after they are eliminated.

While the FBoys in Limbro are out in the elements and without any distractions, the eliminated Nice Guys get pampered and treated like kings at the Nice Guy Grotto.

Like their FBoy co-stars, the Nice Guys are spending their time away from the main house in a different destination until the Mansplain takes place. Unlike the FBoys, the Nice Guys get to live in paradise while they wait.

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Source: HBO Max

Who will be the next Limbro residents, and who will make it to the Nice Guy Grotto on FBoy Island Season 2? You'll have to tune in to find out.

The first three episodes of FBoy Island are available to stream on HBO Max now. Episodes 4-6 will come out on July 21, and Episodes 7 and 8 will drop the following week, on July 28.

The last two episodes of the season (Episodes 9 and 10) will debut on Aug. 4.

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