Pokémon GO Plus+ Will Level up the Way You Play 'GO' and the Upcoming 'Sleep'

Sara Belcher - Author

Feb. 27 2023, Updated 6:08 p.m. ET

The mobile AR game Pokémon GO brings the wonders of Pokémon hunting into the real world, letting players explore their backyard and find what Pokémon may be hiding in it.

Though the game is not as popular as it was when it first launched back in 2016, there are still thousands of dedicated players internationally, each trying to catch every Pokémon available across all nine generations.

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If you're new to the game, there are probably certain aspects of it you'll find a bit confusing, like the Pokémon GO Plus. What is it, and how does it work? And what's with the new Pokémon GO+ Plus? Let's break down this tool used by some of the most serious Pokémon GO players as well as the upcoming upgrade.

Pokémon GO Plus product image
Source: Niantic
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What is Pokémon GO Plus? This auto catcher can help you catch more Pokémon than ever before.

Dedicated Pokémon GO players probably have the game open on their phone more often than they care to admit (I, for one, am guilty of this), as the game requires you to walk around in search of more Pokémon and PokéStops.

While Adventure Sync helps to count the distance you've walked even while you don't have the app open, you won't be able to collect the Pokémon you pass while the app is closed — at least, not without Pokémon GO Plus.

While it sounds like a subscription service, Pokémon GO Plus is an add-on accessory for the game that acts as an auto catcher, attempting to capture the various Pokémon you pass in your day without ever opening the app.

Once paired with your mobile device via Bluetooth, the auto catcher will notify you of any Pokémon it encounters, vibrating and flashing. If the light flashes green, a Pokémon you've already caught is nearby, while a yellow light indicates a new one you haven't already captured.

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Press the center button on your Pokémon GO Plus accessory to attempt to catch it. The auto catcher will only use one PokéBall to attempt to catch it. If it is successful, your Pokémon GO Plus will flash with a rainbow of colors, while it will flash red if the attempt was unsuccessful and the Pokémon ran away.

The accessory will also flash blue if there's a PokéStop nearby, and by pressing the center button you can collect items at that PokéStop.

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What's the cost of the Pokémon GO Plus?

While the accessory was originally extremely hard to find following the game's release, you can now find it for a decent price at a lot of retailers. The Pokémon GO Plus sells for an average retail price of around $30, though you may be able to find a used one through a resale site.

Auto catchers are entirely legal to use for Pokémon GO — even if they're not directly certified by Niantic. This means if you find a third-party one for a cheaper price, you can pair it with your game.

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Pokémon GO Plus vs. PokéBall Plus — what's the difference?

Though the Pokémon GO Plus was specifically designed for Pokémon GO, the PokéBall Plus can also work with the mobile AR app. The PokéBall Plus was originally sold in a bundle with the Pokémon: Let's Go games, though if you've already finished those games and are looking for another way to use the accessory, you can pair it with your Pokémon GO app.

For the most part, the two accessories work the same once paired to a smartphone, vibrating with different colored lights to indicate Pokémon and PokéStops encountered.

The PokéBall Plus is, admittedly, a bit less discreet to use if you're planning to take it on the go, as it's the size and shape of a PokéBall. The Pokémon GO Plus is a small accessory you can wear on your wrist, while you'll have to hold the PokéBall Plus to use it.

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Pokémon GO Plus+ is coming and will be compatible with 'GO' and 'Pokémon Sleep'.

During the Pokémon Day 2023 livestream, there were several exciting updates unveiled about our favorite Pokémon games. Among those announcements, an upgrade to Pokémon GO Plus was also revealed.

The new device, called Pokémon GO Plus+ (pronounced "plus plus") — will feature compatibility with Pokémon GO as well as the upcoming Pokémon Sleep. The new device retains much of the functionality of the original, allowing you to collect items from Poké Stops and throw Poké Balls with the push of a button.

Now, however, your Poké Ball options have expanded. Players can now choose to throw Great Balls and Ultra Balls using their Plus+ device.

When using it with Pokémon Sleep, you can push the button to measure your sleep patterns and collect data in the new app. You'll also have a pretend Pikachu partner within the device that will give certain sound cues as you use the Plus+.

The Pokémon Go Plus+ will come out in July 2023.

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