We Are In a Sassy Man Apocalypse — Here's What That Means

Men have been acting differently and it's making women feel some type of way. Read on for everything we know about TikTok's sassy man apocalypse.

Kelly Corbett - Author

Nov. 13 2023, Published 2:29 p.m. ET

tiktokers sassy man Apocalypse
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The Gist:

  • Men have been acting sassy and it is not going unnoticed.
  • There has been an uptick in videos on TikTok showing men acting sassy, so much so, that we are officially believed to be in a sassy man apocalypse.
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Women are sassy, yes — but can you blame us? We’re paid less than men, we have male lawmakers making rules about our bodies, and once a month we just randomly start bleeding. The sass is warranted. So, we have a little attitude and we get in a little mood. Big whoop.

But unfortunately, men have also decided that they are also entitled to act that way. And their sass is so overwhelmingly chaotic that women everywhere can’t help but pull out their phones and record their out-of-character behavior. The sassy man apocalypse has begun.

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What is the sassy man apocalypse?

The sassy man apocalypse refers to the current uptick in online videos in which men are seen acting or responding in a sassy way. Men are now giving attitude, sharing witty remarks, and saying it like it is. They are also placing their hands on their hips, doing little stomps, and audibly sighing, among other sassy behaviors.

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Per Know Your Meme, the term "sassy man apocalypse" was first used on X, the platform previously known as Twitter, on Aug. 22, 2022, when user @yattadondada tweeted "We in a sassy man apocalypse."

However, the term didn't gain traction online until late July 2023.

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Although sassy isn't exactly synonymous with feminine, the sassy man apocalypse also refers to how men may tackle some situations in a feminine way.

For example, in the video below, creator Sloan Byrd writes "Pov: your man definitely started the sassy man apocalypse. In the video, her boyfriend is seen lying on the floor, trying to push a bed by pushing his body for momentum. Then he gets up and puts his hand on his back indicating that he hurt his back. He'll likely whine and complain now.

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Women are the real victims of the sassy man apocalypse trend.

For women who are dating men who are a part of the sassy man apocalypse, it can be jarring. Here, you thought that you were the sass master and now your man is telling you to talk to the hand. What?

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That said, women are raising awareness for victims like themselves. On TikTok, they are sharing videos of their man's first sassy moment and captioning them "the moment I realized I am a victim of the sassy man apocalpylse."

While the sassy man apocalypse may be looked at as a positive thing as men are embracing more feminine behaviors, we could do without all their attitudes.

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