Influencer Prayag Was Temporarily Banned From TikTok — Here's What His Pookies Think Happened

Why did Prayag get banned on TikTok? The popular influencer was temporarily restricted from his usual platform. Here's what people think happened.

Callie (Carlos) Cadorniga - Author

Oct. 23 2023, Published 12:12 p.m. ET

The Gist:

  • Prayag Mishra on TikTok (@444pray) was reportedly banned from the platform temporarily.
  • The TikToker made headlines as part of a "sassy men" movement on the app.
  • He currently has millions of followers on his social media.
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As we've seen all throughout 2023, restrictions, bans, and the process of getting canceled can come down hard on influencers and online celebrities. Over the summer, musician Colleen Ballinger faced massive backlash for her past interactions with minors and her subsequent ukelele-ridden response. In mid-October, YouTuber SSSniperwolf came under fire after making an unsolicited visit to a rival content creator's actual house and recording footage for her massive following.

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In other rare cases, however, the internet can be fickle and a cancellation or a ban can come seemingly out of nowhere. In late October, many reported that popular TikToker Prayag (@444pray) was supposedly banned from TikTok for unknown reasons. Here's what people theorized and what the status on his account is right now.

Influencer Prayag was reportedly banned from TikTok and people have theories.

Prayag Mishra gained popularity quite recently on TikTok. He typically posts wholesome content in which he posts positive messages and humorous content. As of this writing, he currently has over 3.4 million followers on TikTok, to whom he lovingly refers to as his "Pookies."

NBC News even called Prayag part of the "sassy man apocalypse", comprised of male TikTokers who supposedly aim to combat toxic masculinity with wholesome videos.

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You would think someone who exudes that kind of positive energy would have a solid platform on the internet. Apparently, though, Prayag had the exact opposite happen to him.

At some point during October 2023, Prayag's Pookies began to report that his account was banned from TikTok. On Oct. 22, TikToker Sean (@pilly.mallu) posted a video suggesting that Prayag's account could no longer be accessed. According to Sean, trying to visit his TikTok or follow him led to an error message.

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Apparently, Prayag was banned after he violated multiple community guidelines, though no details ever surfaced. Sean had a few theories, though.

Prayag may have been enacting minor violations on TikTok that piled up on him until he earned a ban. He also posited that a group of haters mass-reported him to the point where TikTok flagged him for being banned. He even theorized that Prayag's overnight popularity rise may have become a red flag for the platform, for whatever reason.

Whatever the reason was, it would appear as of Prayag and his Pookies don't have anything to worry about anymore. As of this writing, Prayag's TikTok can be accessed and all of his content remains up. He has not directly addressed his ban, though many commenters have asked him about it in his videos. But he has continued to post his regular wholesome TikToks.

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