Will We Get More 'NCIS' Season 19 Episodes Before 2021 Ends?

Season 19 of 'NCIS' has been an emotional whirlwind so far. The show will be going on a brief hiatus after the fall finale. When will 'NCIS' Season 19 return?

Katherine Stinson - Author

Dec. 6 2021, Published 5:30 p.m. ET

Agent Parker and Agent McGee
Source: CBS

After Season 19, Episode 9 of NCIS airs on Dec. 6, 2021, the series will once again go on a brief hiatus. How long will fans have to wait for the show's return? We've got the answers for you here.

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Let's recap what's happened so far on Season 19 of NCIS. There have been a lot of changes during this season, but we think the team has been handling all the transitions quite well.

Special Agents Jessica Knight and Alden Parker
Source: CBS
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A brief recap of 'NCIS' Season 19, so far.

OK, so as of Dec. 6, 2021, everyone knows that NCIS mainstay Agent Jethro Leroy Gibbs (Mark Harmon) decided to stay in Alaska in Season 19, Episode 4. Agent Gibbs had been the quintessential NCIS boss since season Season 1, Episode 1. However, good leaders always train their teams to fend for themselves, and that's exactly what Gibbs did.

Gary Cole became a main cast member of NCIS in Season 19, Episode 3. His character Special Agent Alden Parker wasn't just a cheap Gibbs knockoff, but rather an intriguing character in his own right. Although Parker could be just as stoic as Gibbs in some ways, he also demonstrated a sense of humor. After Agent Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) complained about Parker on the new NCIS team app (thinking his post was private), Parker saw it and critiqued Torres on his lack of originality in his post.

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Meanwhile, Agent Tim McGee and the team managed to solve a murder mystery involving McGee's own mother-in-law. After that, Parker and the team took on a sad case of an accidental shooting. So far, NCIS Season 19 post-Gibbs has been very non-serialized, with each episode having its own plot that doesn't take multiple episodes to resolve. Will that change with Episode 9?

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In the brief preview for Season 19, Episode 9, Agent Jessica Knight and Agent Torres are rather shocked to encounter an incredibly realistic hologram of a murder victim named Sonja. Her murder appears to be the center of Episode 9's investigation, but we're intrigued if the hologram will simply be a bit of a bit of unsettling comic relief or an aspect of the episode that's key to solving the case.

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Season 19, Episode 9 is the 'NCIS' fall finale.

After Season 19, Episode 9 of NCIS, titled "Collective Memory," airs on Dec. 6, 2021, NCIS will go on a brief hiatus.

The next episode, "Pledge of Allegiance," will air on Jan. 3, 2022.

We just hope for the sake of all NCIS fans that Episode 9 doesn't end on a cliffhanger! Will the team be able to solve the mystery of Sonja's murder before Christmas 2021?

Ideally, we think it would be great if NCIS kept up the one-plot-per-episode structure for Episode 9, and then take on multi-episode arcs when the show returns in January 2022.

Now that fans have had some time to get used to NCIS without Gibbs, the show can delve further into how the team operates when presented with deeper mysteries sans their former boss when the show returns in January.

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