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Everything We Currently Know About the 'Minecraft' 1.20 Update

Sara Belcher - Author

Aug. 26 2022, Published 10:13 p.m. ET

Although it has only been a few months since Minecraft's 1.19 Wild Update was released, players are already wanting new content for the popular sandbox game.

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The 1.19 update added Mangrove trees, ancient cities, Wardens, frogs, tadpoles, and many other new blocks and mobs. But despite all of the new content, the update received mixed reviews from players, and they're already looking for information on what could be in the 1.20 update. When is the next Minecraft update coming out?

Is there a release date for the 1.20 update in 'Minecraft'?

Unfortunately, at this time there isn't a known release date for the next large content update — though we do know when we'll know more about it.

During the Minecraft Now live stream in August, some of the game's developers revealed that the next Minecraft Live event will happen on Oct. 15. Mojang usually reveals the details for upcoming updates during the Minecraft Live events, meaning that we should know before the end of the year what's to come in Minecraft's next content update.

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Frogs in 'Minecraft'
Source: Mojang

While we don't know much about the update or when we can expect it to hit the game, it's safe to say you probably won't see the 1.20 update come to Minecraft before the end of 2022. Very rarely does Mojang release these big updates more than once a year, and since the Wild Update came out June 2022, it's not likely 1.20 will be seen before next year.

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What new content will be in the 1.20 update in 'Minecraft'?

As previously stated, we don't have any official details from Mojang on a release date or any new content that could be included in the 1.20 update — but that hasn't stopped players from submitting their own theories and making requests of the developers.

For starters, many have theorized that spectator mode will be made available for those who play the Bedrock edition of the game, as it's currently only available in Java.

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Some have also speculated that there will be at least one new biome added to the game. Mojang has previously taken polls from players about what biomes they want to see. Some of the biome ideas that haven't won the poll were added in the next update or subsequent content updates.

Popular guesses for the next biome include a savannah, badlands, a birch forest, or a revamp of the current desert biome. Again, none of these have been confirmed, but they're highly popular theories from players.

Unfortunately, we don't have any additional information as to what will be included in the next big content update for Minecraft — though players can tune into the next Minecraft Live presentation to see what the developers at Mojang will unveil for the game next.

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