CBS Hasn't Said Whether It's Going to Re-Air Season 4 of 'Yellowstone' Yet


Jan. 30 2024, Published 10:18 a.m. ET

Kevin Costner standing next to a horse on 'Yellowstone'
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In the absence of new episodes of the show, CBS has been re-airing old episodes of Yellowstone on the network. The show has long been one of the network's biggest hits. There has been an almost interminable delay as they attempt to get the second half of the fifth season off the ground.

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The network has resorted to re-airing old episodes because of the show's immense popularity. The final two episodes of Season 3, "Meaner Than Evil" and "The World Is Purple," aired on Jan. 29, 2024. Now, many are wondering whether the show is going to continue into its fourth season on the network.

Piper Perabo and Kevin Costner in 'Yellowstone.'
Source: Paramount
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When will Season 4 of 'Yellowstone' air on CBS?

While it would make tons of sense for the network to continue airing old seasons of the show, CBS hasn't officially announced whether they're going to do that or not. If they decide to air Season 4, a timetable hasn't been offered for when that might happen. CBS has been re-airing the show through late 2023 and into early 2024, and they have done so in part because of holes in their broadcasting schedules.

If those holes persist, it would only make sense to continue airing the show with all the available episodes they have. The re-runs seem to have generated plenty of buzz as fans rewatch the show to date and new fans get a chance to hop on board the bandwagon before the show comes to an end. Of course, the details of when the show will actually be completed remain very much up in the air.

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New episodes of 'Yellowstone' have been delayed a full year.

The last actual new episodes of Yellowstone to air debuted a year ago in January 2023. The second half of the show's fifth season isn't expected to debut until November 2024, which means that CBS has plenty of time to catch viewers up on where the show has been to date. If CBS decides to air the show's fourth season, it seems distinctly possible that viewers will discover why the season was so controversial.

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While some people loved the show's fourth season, many consider it the moment when Yellowstone jumped the shark, at least to some extent, and became less riveting than it had been in its first three seasons.

The official description for the season certainly suggests that there will be plenty going on:

“In the wake of a coordinated attack on the Dutton’s and their ranch, John is badly wounded and winds up in a coma only to emerge months later, Bethany survives a bombing, but not without being burned herself, and Kayce manages to fend off a shootout at the Montana Livestock Association offices in Livingston, while the ranch hands fend off against armed mercenaries hitting the ranch."

“Jamie, however, has branched from the family and is starting his own dynasty. Everyone manages to survive the attack, but the question remains, who orchestrated the attack and why?" the synopsis explains. Now, CBS viewers are hoping they'll get to see that season on their TVs at some point soon.

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