Louie Has More Freedom Than Other Inmates in 'Love During Lockup' (EXCLUSIVE CLIP)

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Nov. 3 2022, Published 11:45 a.m. ET

Melissa from 'Love During Lockup'
Source: WE tv

Melissa from 'Love During Lockup.'

When it comes to Love During Lockup, the heart wants what the heart wants. And for Melissa, the heart wants her to see her felon boyfriend, Louie, from a distance while he works at his prison release place of employment.

But where does Louie from Love During Lockup work? In an exclusive clip obtained by Distractify ahead of the Nov. 4 episode, Melissa travels out of state to visit Louie in Georgia and essentially spy on him while he works.

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The whole exchange, including Melissa flashing her breasts at Louie from afar, does not go over well with him. However, we find it hard to believe that this is the end of their relationship. They’ve known each other for years and, besides showing up to his job site, Melissa is also in town to see Louie at prison.

Louie’s work release program in ‘Love During Lockup'
Source: WE tv
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Where does Louie work on 'Love During Lockup'?

When Melissa visits Louie at work, albeit from across a huge field so she isn't spotted right away, it looks like he may be at a large-scale mechanic shop. There’s a parking lot full of semi trucks and a lot of other work trucks, so it’s possible that Louie works on trucks during his work release program in prison.

The facility might also be for welders. There are several prison work release programs in Georgia for inmates, including paint and body shops for government vehicles, other work involving mechanics for gas and diesel cars and trucks, road construction, and building maintenance.

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Melissa hasn't seen Louie in person since high school.

Regardless of what Louie does for work during his work release program, it's clear that he still has a set of rules to follow while he’s on the job. When Melissa flashes him in the clip, he’s upset. He tells her he doesn’t know what the repercussions will be if he gets into trouble for Melissa’s impromptu visit.

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"I mean, I came all this way and I just wanted to see you," Melissa says.

Melissa hasn't actually seen Louie in person since high school when she had a crush on him. Now, they’re prison pen pals, and they might be more, pending his release.

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How does Louie have a cell phone in 'Love During Lockup'?

Although Louie is in prison for armed robbery, he is clearly given privileges, like a work release program, because of good behavior. He also has a cell phone, which we see when Melissa calls him directly. And until May 2022, the Georgia Department of Corrections allowed work release inmates to have cell phones.

Eligible prisoners who were housed in Transitional Centers were permitted to have prepaid cell phones from approved visitors. These were believed to help those inmates prepare for life on the outside, in terms of finding housing and work prior to their release.

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Louie and Melissa from ‘Love During Lockup'
Source: WE tv

Louie and Melissa from ‘Love During Lockup.’

When that changed in May, those same approved prisoners were instead issued new phones from the Georgia Department of Corrections. Reports allege that the phones are older model flip phones with no social media or even internet access.

It’s possible that, at the time of filming, Louie was using a cell phone purchased for him by Melissa or someone else on the outside.

For now, despite Melissa’s flashing incident, Louie is remaining on the straight and narrow until his release.

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