Is ‘Five Guys a Week’ Really Filmed in Contestants' Homes?

The original British series 'Five Guys a Week' was filmed in the star's home, but what about the U.S. version of the series? Everything you need to know about the filming locations.

Mustafa Gatollari - Author

Jul. 13 2022, Published 4:55 p.m. ET

Five Guys a Week
Source: Lifetime

People are obsessed with dating shows. Maybe it's because the pursuit of love and/or a significant other is something that all humans are inherently born with. Or maybe it's because folks want to see the pursuit of romance commercialized in such a blatant way so they can convince themselves that true love doesn't actually exist so they feel better about their own mundane relationships.

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Whatever the reason, there's no shortage of programs that pop up on TV, like Five Guys a Week, which was adapted from a British series of the same name. The OG program was filmed in the main star's real home, but what about the U.S. version?

Where is 'Five Guys a Week' filmed?

five guys a week filmed
Source: Lifetime

If you aren't familiar with the show's original premise here's how it goes down: each week a woman welcomes five eligible bachelors into her home. At the end of the week, she then decides which one she feels she has the most chemistry with and announces who she will decide to pursue a potential relationship with.

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Amy, from St. Albans, Hertfordshire in the U.K. series' first episode did in fact invite multiple men into her home and the episode was definitely filmed there. The British outlet Heart quoted her as saying, "No, it was actually my house, it was my kitchen they were making a mess in and my toilet.

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But does the Lifetime series share the same rubric? It looks like it. The show is shot in the greater New York Metropolitan, aka the Tri-State area. Much of the series does seem to either take place in or directly reference New York City, and the trailer does indeed look like all of the filming is done in the homes of the lucky ladies.

However, not all the homes featured are real.

The Cinemaholic writes, "For Season 1, the cast and crew of the dating game show either utilized an actual apartment in the area or created a house in a soundstage of one of the studios. The region’s center is New York City, where most of the drama in the series seemingly unfolds."

Rigging up an apartment with cameras and having a director of photography and other camera ops in a small house or apartment seems like a tall order, but according to the show's official description, it does seem like that's where a lot of the potential drama unfurls from.

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five guys a week filming locations
Source: Lifetime

"In this provocative new social experiment, one adventurous single woman invites five eligible bachelors to move in with her for a week to see who is 'The One.' While living in cramped quarters, sharing a bathroom, and dividing up the housework, these men will need to be on their best behavior or miss out on the possibility of true love," the synopsis of the show reads on Lifetime's website.

Judging from Instagram posts showing behind-the-scenes setups, it does certainly look like production went into the actual houses of at least some of the featured women in the series.

Wherever filming takes place, we know there is bound to be drama regardless.

Watch Five Guys a Week at 10 p.m. EST on Lifetime.

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