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Source: CW

Jellybean Hasn't Been on 'Riverdale' for Weeks and It's Unclear Where She Is


When Jellybean was introduced on Riverdale in Season 3, Archie comic book fans rejoiced to see the small screen adaptation of a beloved character they had already known for years. At first, she was as vindictive as her mom and she seemed to have ulterior motives to getting close to Jughead and FP. Once that non-storyline was thrown out the window, though, she became a solid part of FP and Jughead’s family in Riverdale, even when their mom left town.

Even so, Jellybean has been missing on Riverdale without being officially on any missing persons list. Granted, there is a lot going on with literally every other character, from Kevin’s tickle fetish videos to Jughead’s potential upcoming death, but fans are still wondering where Jellybean is in all of this.