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Source: Getty Images

Jonathan Taylor Thomas Might Be Ready for His Comeback — Here's What You Need to Know


Jonathan Taylor Thomas was the ultimate '90's teen idol, but as this former child star reached adulthood, he mostly stepped out of the spotlight. We've got some great news for JTT fans, though: The original Lion King star might just be poised for a major career comeback. 

So where is Jonathan Taylor Thomas now, and what's next for the 37-year-old Home Improvement alum? Here's everything you need to know about JTT and his mighty bright future.

Where is Jonathan Taylor Thomas now? He might be getting back into show business. 

We're speculating here, but it sure looks like he's preparing for a return to Hollywood in some aspect. According to Variety, Jonathan applied in 2019 for a SAG-AFTRA national board seat as a member of presidential candidate Matthew Modine's progressive Membership First slate.