'Love in the Jungle' Is Set in a Staggeringly Beautiful Location — Where Was It Filmed?

Where is 'Love in the Jungle' filmed? 'Love in the Jungle,' a new reality TV show on Discovery Plus, calls on stars to perform mating rituals.

Leila Kozma - Author

May 6 2022, Published 10:10 a.m. ET

A brand new reality TV show coming to Discovery Plus on Sunday, May 8, 2022, calls on 14 singles who must not talk at all and instead perform animalistic mating rituals to find romantic connections.

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Featuring wildlife show-style narration and a wide range of absolutely hilarious scenes, Season 1 of Love in the Jungle is bound to garner popularity among fans of reality TV shows like Too Hot to Handle, Sexy Beasts, and more. Where was Love in the Jungle filmed?

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Where is 'Love in the Jungle' filmed?

Featuring a group of singles ready to adopt animal mating rituals in their attempts to seduce other contestants, Love in the Jungle pioneers a ground-breaking premise, montages that are equally hilarious and fascinating, and very little dialogue. (Presumably.)

Contestants are forbidden to talk, exclusively relying on body language instead.

Season 1 of Love in the Jungle was filmed on a private eco-reserve in Colombia. The South-American country boasts a vast range of eco-reserves. Take the Bosque Colibri, a family-owned business located near Cali, a metropolis with a vibrant salsa dancing and cultural scene.

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Offering a rare opportunity for visitors to fully immerse themselves in nature, eco-reserves and eco-lodges put the focus on the sheer beauty of the land. At this time, it's unclear exactly which eco-reserve Love in the Jungle was filmed at.

Executive produced by Todd Lubin, Sam Brown, Jay Peterson, Scott Jeffress, and Gretchen Morning, Love in the Jungle aims to bridge the gap between hit dating shows like Too Hot to Handle and popular survival-themed offerings like Naked and Afraid and Survivor.

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'Love in the Jungle' calls on 14 singles to deliver their most accurate animal impressions.

According to a teaser trailer, a contestant named Sal says his inner animal is an otter. "My inner animal is an otter because they are super playful," Sal said. Meanwhile, Lynsey is a tiger, and Dishon is like a duck.

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"I'm a tiger," Lynsey said. "I have a big appetite. I'm trying to eat."

"Ducks are kind of like majestic but also kind of goofy," said Dishon. "I feel like I'm a mix between the two."

With 14 different contestants doing their best to find their soulmate, there will undoubtedly be opportunities for experimenting. As a teaser trailer suggests, the activities in Season 1 of Love in the Jungle include the Flamingo Dance, the Moustache Frog Battle, and the Bonobos Smash.

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As the trailer seems to suggests, the mating rituals worked well for several 'Love in the Jungle' contestants.

Several contestants recount positive results in the trailer.

"It was weird, but it was very sexy and weird," a Love in the Jungle star said in the trailer. "I think this is a new fetish for me."

"I guess mating rituals work because I've never been so attracted to Stephan before," another contestant said.

Could mating rituals be the key to healthy relationships?

Check out the Season 1 premiere of Love in the Jungle on Sunday, May 8, 2022, on Discovery Plus to find out.

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