You Might Be Surprised to Learn Where 'Tattoo Redo' Is Actually Filmed

'Tattoo Redo' has developed a bit of a cult following thanks to its unique approach to the tattoo television show formula, but where is it filmed?

Chris Barilla - Author

Aug. 4 2021, Published 5:05 p.m. ET

'Tattoo Redo'
Source: Netflix

Since it first aired on Netflix on July 28, 2021, Tattoo Redo has become a hit amongst subscribers to the platform and has proven that there are still new and fresh ways to go about making a television show about tattoos.

The show's basic formula, which follows a group of artists redoing old and unsightly tattoos on clients, gets a new twist in Tattoo Redo.

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In this formula, the show stipulates that the redone tattoo is selected by a friend of the person having the cover-up done and that they don't know what that idea is until it is permanently inked into their body. Sounds like a bit of a gamble, doesn't it? Well, it sure is, and those who have participated in the show have certainly had mixed reactions to what was inked on their body after the job was all done.

Beyond the hilarious escapades that ensue when you're tattooing random things on another person, the shop where the work is done has raised a bunch of questions from fans who can't seem to figure out where exactly it is located.

So, where exactly is Tattoo Redo filmed, and can just anyone go there to get some work done? Here's what we know.

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'Tattoo Redo'
Source: Netflix

Where exactly is 'Tattoo Redo' filmed? It isn't just any old tattoo parlor.

Fans of Tattoo Redo might have noticed when they watch the show that there aren't any distinguishing marks identifying the parlor where all of the tattoos and consultations take place. That isn't just a coincidence, as the show doesn't exactly call a real tattoo parlor home.

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Unfortunately, if fans want to go to have work done at the parlor featured in the show, they can't. Some social posts from the show's stars have seemed to reveal that the "tattoo parlor" is actually set up on a soundstage or a warehouse in Orange County, CA, and is just a TV set.

Tagging the location as "Dreamland" in her post rollerblading around, show star Jessi Peluso gave fans the most candid look at the "shop" outside of highly edited episode scenes.

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Whether it be the high warehouse-style walls, the lack of a shop name, or just the overall TV set vibe the video gave off, it's clear that the work is not being done at an official shop.

It's not clear if Netflix was unable to secure an actual shop willing to take part in the show or if they decided that this was just the better option. Nonetheless, from the info we know to the seemingly staged tattoo parlor, things are certainly not what they seem on Tattoo Redo.

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