'Walker: Independence's' Lawrence Kao on Show's "Stunning" Filming Location (EXCLUSIVE)

The central conflict of 'Walker: Independence' takes place in Independence, Texas. Was that where 'Walker: Independence' was actually filmed?

Katherine Stinson - Author

Oct. 27 2022, Published 3:16 p.m. ET

Kai (Lawrence Kao)
Source: Richard Foreman Jr./The CW

Abigail Walker (Katherine McNamara) is determined to seek justice in Walker: Independence after she was forced to watch her husband's murder before her very eyes when they were journeying from Boston to Texas.

She makes her way to the small town of Independence, Texas, resolute in her mission to find her husband's killer and make him pay for his crimes. However, Abigail faces plenty of obstacles along the way, as the seemingly peaceful Texas town isn't all that it seems from the outside.

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While Abby begins to unravel the mysteries surrounding the townspeople of Independence, some fans of the western drama may be wondering if Walker: Independence was actually filmed in Texas.

Distractify spoke exclusively with Walker: Independence star Lawrence Kao, who plays Kai on the show, to find out more details!

Kai (Lawrence Kao)
Source: Richard Foreman Jr./The CW

Kai is another resident of Independence, Texas

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Where is 'Walker: Independence' filmed? (EXCLUSIVE)

So there is an actual town in Texas called Independence — however, Lawrence revealed to Distractify that Walker: Independence was actually filmed in New Mexico!

Lawrence gushed over the, "absolutely stunning" plot of land the cast and crew filmed on in New Mexico, noting that everything from the New Mexico nights to the clouds themselves at the Walker: Independence filming location were pure visual treats.

Another aspect of the Walker: Independence filming location that Lawrence truly appreciated from an actor's perspective was that, "the environment itself is like a character in itself. And so, just stepping on a set every time, it just feels like, wow, we don't even really have to ask so much because it just you can just feel the vibrations of the set around us."

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Was the fictional town of Independence created specifically for 'Walker: Independence'?

Lawrence praised Walker: Independence's "stellar" production design, commending the design team for doing excellent work on the set design.

He confirmed that the set for the fictional town of Independence that plays a pivotal role in Walker: Independence wasn't created specifically for The CW series.

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Lawrence said that the set for Independence "has existed from shows from before. But we're jumping on it and adding things to it. Maybe refurbishing some of the structures or making things look more like the town of Independence."

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How many episodes will be in 'Walker: Independence' Season 1?

According to Hidden Remote, the first season of Walker: Independence will have thirteen episodes in total. Although Walker: Independence hasn't been renewed yet for a second season, it's more than likely that the CW will bring it back for another season if the ratings are consistent. It is a prequel to Walker after all!

New episodes of Walker: Independence air Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on the CW after new episodes of Walker. Part of the official synopsis for Walker Independence Season 1, Episode 4, titled, "Pax Romana," reads, "Abby (Kat McNamara) and Hoyt (Matt Barr) agree to run a seemingly mundane errand for Tom Davidson (Greg Havanessian) that ends up exposing just how far the Davidson influence goes ... Kai gets an unexpected visitor from his past."

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