Beware the Squid Kid's Fireballs in 'Stardew Valley'

The Squid Kid is an enemy you'll find in 'Stardew Valley' that can become even more dangerous. Here's where to find it and how to defeat it.

Sara Belcher - Author

May 20 2022, Published 8:31 p.m. ET

As you traverse the mines in the popular indie game Stardew Valley, you'll encounter a variety of foes to face off against. Not all of them will be particularly difficult, but as you continue to visit the mines to gather resources, you'll find a few are a bit peskier than others.

Defeating these enemies, however, is the only way to advance your combat skill in the game — and the more enemies you defeat, the more rewards and recognition you'll receive from the Adventurer's Guild.

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The Squid Kid is one of the more annoying enemies to defeat as you work your way through the mines, thanks to its erratic movement and fireballs. Here's your guide on where to find the enemy and how to defeat it.

A posting requesting the player to defeat a Squid Kid in 'Stardew Valley'
Source: ConcernedApe

A posting requesting the player to defeat a Squid Kid in 'Stardew Valley'

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Where to find the Squid Kid in 'Stardew Valley.'

There are two variations of the Squid Kid enemy in Stardew Valley, both of which can be found in the mines. The traditional Squid Kid is a floating face that will follow you around the mines, shooting fireballs at you. If it or its fireballs touches you, you lose health, so it's best to stay as far away from it as possible.

There's also the dangerous version of the Squid Kid, which is only unlocked when you decide to complete the Danger in the Deep quest from Mr. Qi or if you activate the Shrine of Challenge.

Both of these enemies are only found between levels 81 and 119 in the mines. The traditional Squid Kid looks like a little red sun with eyes, while the dangerous (and stronger) version is yellow and wearing sunglasses.

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How to defeat the Squid Kid in 'Stardew Valley.'

Defeating the traditional Squid Kid is actually incredibly simple. Despite its erratic movement and persistence in pursuing you as you venture through the mines, it's actually incredibly weak. So long as you strike the enemy with any weapon, it should die and drop some loot, as it only has a health of one.

The dangerous Squid Kid, however, is a bit of a different story. This version of the enemy has a base HP of 250, which means you'll have to hit it quite a few times to defeat it.

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Because the dangerous Squid Kid also shoots fireballs at you, you'll have to dodge those on your pursuit of it in the mines. The fireballs can be shot down with the slingshot, though they won't be blocked with a sword's blocking feature, unfortunately. As the fireballs also continuously ricochet off the walls, you'll have to either dodge them or destroy them as you play to succeed. A slingshot may be incredibly handy in maintaining your distance from this enemy while you battle it.

Both of these enemies will drop a variety of loot, including: bomb, Dwarf Scroll III, Dwarf Scroll IV, gold bar, mega bomb, solar essence, squid ink, or a diamond of prismatic shard (only if you've already reached the bottom of the mines, though).

While the dangerous Squid Kid is a bit difficult to beat, neither of these enemies are particularly difficult — and they can even offer some great rewards if you take the time to defeat them.

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