'Renovation Aloha' Hosts Tristyn and Kamohai Kalama Pledge to Uplift Their Community (EXCLUSIVE)

Tristyn and Kamohai Kalama, the hosts of 'Renovation Aloha', told 'Distractify' they initially thought the TV show offer was a massive scam!

Allison DeGrushe - Author

Feb. 20 2024, Published 12:05 p.m. ET

'Renovation Aloha' official key art.
Source: HGTV

As winter loosens its icy grip, visions of sun-kissed beaches and ocean breezes dance in our heads. While we wait for those tranquil vibes to return from vacation, let's fast-track to the tropics with HGTV's newest home renovation series, Renovation Aloha.

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Starting Tuesday, February 20, follow a husband-and-wife team of home renovators straight from the sunny shores of Hawaii as they work their magic on the most rundown properties of Oʻahu. From shabby to chic, this married couple is turning the most rundown properties into dream homes faster than you can say "mahalo"!

Ahead of the series premiere, Distractify spoke exclusively with the hosts, where they spilled all the sea-salted details about their fabulous new small-screen venture.

'Renovation Aloha' hosts, Tristyn and Kamohai Kalama.
Source: HGTV

'Renovation Aloha' hosts, Tristyn and Kamohai Kalama.

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Meet Tristyn and Kamohai Kalama, the hosts of HGTV's 'Renovation Aloha.'

Let us extend a warm welcome to the hosts of Renovation Aloha, Tristyn and Kamohai Kalama! This legendary power couple transcends the realm of conventional real estate expertise — no, they're on a mission to spruce up homes and uplift their community.

But wait, how did they end up on your TV screen? According to Tristyn, it's a plot twist even they didn't see coming.

"This was never on the vision board. TV was the farthest thing that we could have ever wanted or thought about," she exclusively explained to Distractify. "We're just real estate investors trying to build our business here, provide for our family, and impact our community."

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Tristyn recalled that their journey began with a flurry of emails from a "random production company" that they initially dismissed as possible scams. However, after reaching out to a friend in the entertainment industry and confirming the legitimacy of the opportunity, Tristyn and Kamohai eagerly embraced the venture.

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"It was a big decision to go public with our whole life," she added. "But ultimately, we saw an opportunity to showcase our beautiful homes, to showcase our beautiful culture, to impact our community, and elevate the people around us."

Kamohai is excited for viewers to explore "all different sides of the island."

Tristyn emphasized to fans that they're in for a treat as each home design is distinct: "You'll see mid-century, you'll see Asian influence, you'll see coastal, and you'll see modern, and you'll just see it all," she assured.

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Adding to the excitement, Kamohai shared his favorite aspect of the show with Distractify and even offered a glimpse into what viewers can expect. Brimming with enthusiasm, Kamohai said, "You're gonna get to experience all different sides of the island, and different places with unique stories and unique histories to those places."

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"You get to see houses on water, you get to see houses tucked up in the most beautiful valleys we'd have on Oʻahu," he continued. "And the one common thread is yes, these houses are most times unlivable, and they get transformed into something you wouldn't even believe was possible. But that's just, that's just what we do."

Tristyn and Kamohai’s family is involved in every step of the process.

While some of us boast a modest family tree, Kamohai is living in a family forest with a whopping 87 first cousins!

"Yeah, it's crazy because I realized now that that is a little odd for most people. Most people do not have that many family members … but for me, it's very normal," Kamohai told us. "You're only hearing about the 87 first cousins, but those cousins now have kids. And some of their kids have kids [that are helping out too]."

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Tristyn jumped in, emphasizing that having a family lend a hand is practically second nature by now: "My side of the family does not have 87 first cousins, but I grew up watching my parents work together. They owned and operated a business together, and that's all I knew my whole life," she added.

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Fast forward to the present day, and working with her husband and having her brother as the project manager feels like the most natural thing in the world. Sure, some days get tricky with all the different hats Tristyn has to wear and the tough conversations she has to navigate. But, hey, at the end of the day, Tristyn told Distactify there's nothing like the rock-solid 'I've got your back' support you get with family — and we couldn't agree more!

Catch the premiere of Renovation Aloha on Tuesday, February 20, at 9 p.m. EST on HGTV. New episodes will also be available to stream on Max simultaneously with the cable broadcast.

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