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Who Is Country Singer Morgan Wallen's Baby Mama?



Congratulations to country singer Morgan Wallen, who welcomed his first child on Friday, July 10. The “Whiskey Glasses” singer shared the news with surprised fans over an Instagram post, which said that he was “a changed man” now that he’s the proud dad of his son, Indie Wilder.

Given how little Morgan has shared about the fact that he was even expecting a baby and the fact that Morgan isn’t married or even publicly dating anyone, fans are curious about Morgan Wallen's baby mama, how she came into the picture, and why the two aren’t together. 

It turns out, Morgan’s baby mama’s name is Katie “KT” Smith, a woman Morgan once dated, was engaged to, and ultimately broke it off with. While Morgan has been super tight-lipped about KT and the baby, she’s shared a couple of details via now-deleted Instagram posts and her blog, Thot Thoughts.

Who is Katie Smith?

Katie Smith is Morgan Wallen’s baby mama, who gave birth to their son, Indie Wilder Wallen, on July 10, as shared by both of their Instagram accounts. Katie is from Key West, Fla., but now lives in Nashville, where she will now be co-parenting with Morgan. And while Morgan and Katie certainly aren’t a couple right now, they do have a relationship past together that dates back to 2017. 

It isn’t clear what Katie does for a living but following the announcement of Indie’s birth, she’s tripled her follower count, so a career in influencing may be in the cards for her. She already has her blog, Thot Thoughts, where she's shared details about her life, faith, pregnancy experience, and favorite beauty products, making the shift into social media right up her alley.

Katie and Morgan’s relationship goes back a couple of years.

It’s unclear when Katie and Morgan started dating, but social media posts between the two of them date back to 2017. The two also attended the CMT Awards that same year and were even engaged right as Morgan’s career was taking off. 

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But it seems Morgan’s rising career and constant touring was too much for the young couple and they soon called it quits on the relationship. After they split, fans speculated that Morgan’s song, “Chasing You” was about Katie but he denied it, saying that he had written the song in 2015, years before they had even met.

Katie however, was a little less tight-lipped and although she never named Morgan specifically, she shared some musings on her blog, in a post called “Never Have I-” that details a relationship that Katie had with an unnamed singer.

In the post, Katie clarifies that she’s not trying to bad-mouth anyone, but then proceeds to describe what sounds like an unfulfilling, on-again-off-again relationship that she had with a musician. At first she says, they were “head over heels in love- the kind that you see no flaws and you completely forget about thyself and turn yourself into what they want.”

But it seemed that being on the road along with this mystery musician’s newfound fame was too much for the couple to handle and they soon went their separate ways. Katie ends the post with some advice for her readers: Find a god-fearing man who “has prayed for someone like you, and that continues to pray for you and you for him throughout your relationship.”

To be clear, the post never mentions Morgan by name and could be about somebody else entirely. But the details she shares and the timeline seem to fit when Katie and Morgan would probably have hooked up back in 2017. 

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