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Source: Netflix

We're Getting Emotional Over Taystee's Storyline on Season 7 of ‘OITNB’ (SPOILERS)


Ever since Orange Is the New Black’s first episode, fans have been rooting for Tasha "Taystee" Jefferson. The likable inmate, who’s played by actress Danielle Brooks, provided some much-needed comic relief early on in the show’s run, but Season 6 dealt her blow after blow.

Before you binge the series’ final 13 episodes on Netflix, here’s a quick recap of the Litchfield Penitentiary prisoner’s recent story arc and spoilers on how the character’s journey ends.

Who did Taystee kill on Orange Is the New Black?

Though she was convicted of murdering corrections officer Desi Piscatella during the Litchfield riot, Taystee never actually killed anyone. The police raid squad accidentally shot him in the head when storming the prison — which was witnessed by Cindy and Suzanne (aka "Crazy Eyes").