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Source: hbo

Who Died on 'Game of Thrones' So Far?


Who died on Game of Thrones? It's a question that would take quite a bit of time to answer. As we get deeper and deeper into the show's eighth and final season, more and more carnage takes place and each new episode has us sitting at the edge of our seats, praying that our favorite characters will make it out alive.

Sadly, that can't always be the case, especially with the stakes raised so high in the game. The show's always been merciless when it comes to the fate of its main characters.

Episode 3 of Season 8, "The Long Night," was no different. And while Episode 4 only saw one long-time character in the show perish, it set up a ton of main character deaths for Episode 5.

Who's died in Season 8 so far?