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Source: Instagram

[Spoiler] Died During the Last Episode of 'Station 19'


The Season 16 Winter premiere of Grey's Anatomy captures one of the most harrowing scenes to take place in the history of the show — a horrific car crash at Joe's Bar that posed grave dangers to just about every Grey Sloan doctor. 

Unfortunately for more sensitive viewers, this is exactly the catastrophe the newest episode of Station 19 revolves around as well. As the Season 3 premiere revealed, the popular firefighters were at risk just the same. Who died on Station 19? Did anyone get out safe?

The Season 3 premiere of 'Station 19' picks up the thread where 'Grey's Anatomy' left off.

The two-hour-long horror show kicked off with "Help Me Through the Night," an emotionally-charged Grey's Anatomy episode exploring the rising tensions between everyone's favorite doctors.