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Source: NBC

'New Amsterdam' Confirms Our Suspicions About Who Didn't Survive the Accident (UPDATE)


Update: We were unfortunately correct about who died on the New Amsterdam season 2 premiere — although the writers managed to pull off a reasonably effective fake-out for most of the episode.

The show flashed forward three months from the accident and showed Max and his wife waking up to the sound of their daughter, Luna, crying. "Your turn," said Georgia (that's also the title of this episode), to which Max responded, "It's always my turn." The couple sang to their baby and everything seemed perfect. 

However, in the final scenes, after learning Sharpe and Bloom both survived their injuries, we realize Max's interactions with Georgia are all in his head, and when he tells his wife, "it's always my turn," it's because she's no longer there. So heartbreaking.

Original story: Last season of New Amsterdam ended with a real cliffhanger. After Dr. Lauren Bloom helped deliver Georgia and Max's daughter, Luna, at home, they all were transported via ambulance, along with Dr. Helen Sharpe. En route to the hospital, the ambulance was in a horrific accident, rolling over several times.