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Someone Is Going to Die on 'Dare Me' and It Could Be Literally Anyone


Apr. 15 2020, Updated 2:22 p.m. ET

The world of competitive high school cheerleading can be murder. Or, more specifically, the world of cheerleading on Dare Me can be. The USA series is full of big personalities and vindictive people in small-town America, ready to trample over each other to get what they want. And now, someone is going to die. But before the season comes to an end, fans are eager to figure out who dies on Dare Me and, more importantly, who the killer is.

Theories about who dies on Dare Me:

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Coach French

dare me coach
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Coach French is headed down a dark path already. She is actively cheating on her husband, Matt, and at times using Addy to do it. She has also been hosting parties for her cheerleaders at her own house, wherein they partake in underage drinking, which probably doesn't bode well for the coach in the long run. 

Clearly, Coach French isn't big on the morals, and her very actions could make her a target later in the season. If nothing else, she also has the success of the squad on her shoulders, and if they don’t win at the upcoming competition, the high school boosters are going to have it out for Coach French big time.

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dare me addy
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Since the show’s premiere, Addy has been the neutral heroine of the story. She tries to keep Beth in line while also being Coach French’s pet cheerleader and somehow maintains some semblance of herself in the process. It would probably be the most tragic if Addy dies on Dare Me, but that’s what would make her death so impactful. Viewers already sympathize with her enough to care if she is the one killed off.

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dare me beth
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Beth is Coach French’s main adversary right now. In fact, she has a handful of enemies who might have a reason to kill her or, at the very least, hurt her to the point where they might accidentally kill her. That’s not to say she deserves any violence against her, but she knows how to push the right (and wrong) buttons of those around her.

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She also has blackmail against Coach French, which she hasn't used to her advantage just yet. If she leaks the video of Coach French and Sarge Will having sex in his truck, she will have two people whose lives she could ruin with the scandal — and two people who would have motive to kill her.

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Sarge Will

dare me will
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Unfortunately for good old Sarge Will, he might be caught in the crossfire of whatever is going on in Coach French's life. While he is totally complicit in their affair, he's also a mostly well-meaning guy who seems to want to try and do right by the teenagers in town. It's his naïveté, however, that could potentially lead to his untimely death.

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dare me matt
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Matt is the character with the most logical motive to kill someone since his wife and Sarge Will are having an affair. He could also be a victim, though, when you consider the damage he could to to Coach French's career if he finds out about the affair and goes public with the information. He isn't Coach French's favorite person and if he gets in the way of her well-procured reputation, it could end badly.

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dare me tacy
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iBeth probably wouldn't kill her half-sister if given the chance, but you can never tell what is going on in Beth's head. She has an unspoken rivalry with her younger sister because of their father's favoritism and their places on the squad. Beth already convinced Tacy to take the nearly fatal ice bath. She could do worse, if given the chance.

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dare me faith
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Addy's mom, Faith, is probably the only adult on Dare Me who is actually concerned with her kid's whereabouts and overall safety. While it would be easy to watch someone like Beth's mom get killed off, it would be a lot more difficult to see someone like Faith, who wants to do good, get murdered before the season ends.

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Corporal Kurtz

dare me kurtz
Source: USA

One of the characters who arguably has it coming to him is Corporal Kurtz, who likely sexually assaulted Beth. Neither character has confirmed exactly what happened between them, but Beth is going through the aftermath of what seemed like a majorly traumatic experience. Whether she does it or Addy does it in her honor, Corporate Kurtz could meet a bloody end.

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Someone is going to die on Dare Me before Season 1 ends and no matter who it is, the other characters are sure to be rocked by the tragedy. The better question is which character is the most affected and how does the inevitable death change the paths they are all on now?

Watch Dare Me on Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on USA.

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