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Source: Instagram

One Valor Crew Member Is Leaving 'Below Deck' — Here Are the Most Likely Suspects


Between the grueling work, the harsh (but constructive) criticism from Captain Lee Rosbach and being followed by cameras basically 24/7, not everyone is cut out for Below Deck. The Season 7 Valor crew has certainly already dealt with its fair share of issues, from Abbi Murphy's big hangover to Chef Kevin Dobson not giving Captain Lee an entree during a guest dinner. 

Someone is leaving on the Nov. 11 episode of Below Deck, and we've got bets on Chef Kevin or Abbi. Who gets fired on Below Deck?

Who gets fired on Below Deck?

It's to be expected that at least one person will get fired during any given season of Below Deck or Below Deck Med. One thing that Captain Lee says every season is that he has no problem booking someone a plane ticket home.

While we've been suspecting that Chef Kevin or Abbi would leave at some point during the season, based on how unhappy they are, the teaser trailer suggested that the cast would be altering permanently on the Nov. 11 episode.