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Source: Instagram

Catherine Paiz From the Ace Family Responded to the Rape Allegations Against Austin McBroom


Austin McBroom is the patriarch of the Ace Family; he and Catherine Paiz have a YouTube channel with millions of subscribers. Austin's name became a fixture in the media when beauty vlogger Cole Carrigan released a video to "expose" Austin for allegedly raping one of Cole's good friends. When the video was first released, fans were calling for Austin to be "canceled," for the police to get involved, and for his reign of YouTube success to come to an end.

Cole named several people in his video who he felt were blameworthy in covering up Austin's alleged actions. He called out vlogger Keemstar for being paid off by the Ace Family to stay silent, which Keemstar has vehemently denied in a video. Austin himself also released several statements on his social media pages, and he noted that he would be taking legal action against Cole.