Courtney Skippon Is the Third Stew on 'Below Deck' Who Admittedly Doesn't Like to Work

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Jun. 5 2020, Updated 1:14 p.m. ET

Source: Instagram

Every new season of Below Deck feels a bit like freshman year all over again: there's an almost entirely new crew with different dynamics, sets of issues, and work ethics. 

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On Season 7 of Below Deck, all but three of the crew members are new to the Bravo show. Courtney Skippon is the third stewardess on Valor, and she's making it clear that she is not interested in service (which is the main component of working on the interior staff of a yacht).  Who is Courtney Skippon from Below Deck? Here's what we know about Valor's newest third stewardess.

Who is Courtney Skippon from Below Deck?

Though many third stewardesses on the show are green and have virtually no yachting or boat experience, Courtney is no stranger to being on the interior crew of a luxury yacht. Born and raised on the west coast of Canada, Courtney has always been around water. Ironically, her middle name is Sayle (so maybe she was destined for a boating life from birth?) 

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Source: Instagram

Courtney's an only child, which, she mentioned on the show, makes it hard for her to serve people when she's used to being pampered by her parents and going to nice restaurants with them. 

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Courtney attended business school in Paris when she wasn't able to find a passion she wanted to pursue at home. After living in the city of romance for a year, she realized that she needed to make some money in order to fund living abroad. She took a second stew position on a yacht at the recommendation of a friend. 

Source: Instagram
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Her first boat only had two stewardesses on board, so she quickly learned how to serve more than a dozen guests. The chef on the boat served intricate, multi-course meals, so she became well-versed in luxury service fairly quickly. 

Courtney is the third stewardess on board because co-star Simone Mashile had more yachting experience. The third stew usually doesn't do dinner service and instead turns down the sleeping quarters while the guests eat. 

Will Courtney get over her disinterest in serving people on Below Deck?

With Courtney's introduction that serving others isn't really for her, we immediately began to feel worried for how Chief Stewardess Kate Chastain would react to her attitude. When Courtney struggled to iron the crew's uniforms, and was rescued by Simone, we really wondered how long she'd be able to make it without receiving one of Kate's iconic monologues about poor work ethics.

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But, Kate praised her stewardesses in the season's first episode, saying that they had great service experience and that, so far, they hadn't given her any backtalk. We'll have to wait and see if the interior crew's honeymoon phase comes to a swift end. 

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Courtney's also been poking fun at herself online about how she's struggled to find it natural to constantly be on camera. 

"Having cameras around all day was super chill and I barely even noticed them," she captioned one shot of a camera man filming her lying on the boat's sundeck. 

Ahead of the season premiere, she also posted a photo of herself on the boat with the caption, "If you aren't sick of me yet, YOU ARE ABOUT TO BE." Hopefully, Courtney can maintain this sense of humor throughout the show, because with the teaser trailer we saw, this season is going to be a doozy.

Below Deck airs on Mondays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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