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Source: YouTube/FOX

People Think the Eagle in 'The Masked Singer' Season 2 Is This Heavy Metal Icon


The Masked Singer Season 2 has us already searching for clues and grasping any kind of hints that reveal the true identities of the show's contestants. We know that we have 16 contestants this time around (versus 12 last year), and their personas are: Skeleton, Fox, Ice Cream, Eagle, Tree, Flamingo, Butterfly, Penguin, Leopard, Egg, Rottweiler, Flower, Thingamajig, Panda, and Black Widow. We know that the masked stars are talented and there are probably a few big names in the mix, considering the cast has collectively been in 140 films, 22 Broadway musicals, and have won 19 Emmys and 10 Grammys (that's only part of the number of accolades!). We've theorized who Ice Cream is, and we think we might know Fox. But who's the Eagle Masked Singer?

Are there any clues as to who the Eagle Masked Singer could be?

We did learn a few things from The Masked Singer preview which recently aired. First, the Eagle says "they'll be saluting me." What does that mean?! Yeah, it's an Eagle, which is patriotic. But does that mean we have someone from the White House? Is that too on the nose beak? Nick Cannon, who's hosting, says the Masked Singer helped design the Eagle costume, specifically the medallion they wear. Lastly, in the sneak peek, the Eagle says if you know an Eagle's body temp, "you'll be hot on my tail." We looked it up, and an eagle's body temperature is 106 degrees Fahrenheit. What does kind of significance does "106" have?