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Source: FOX

The Mystery Cast for 'The Masked Singer' Season 2 Is Out, and We Already Have Guesses


Last year's singing competition sleeper hit, The Masked Singer is soon to be back on the air with a new crop of mystery celebrities showcasing their vocal talents in inane costumes to obscure their identities. However, as was the case last season, there are already a few potential spoilers that might lead us to discover their identities before they're unmasked.

Who are the contestants of The Masked Singer Season 2? Spoilers!

First, let's get the secret identities out of the way. A few of this year's 16 players — up from 12 contestants in Season 1 — chose some super weird identities. 

Their personas, revealed in a sneak peek on Sunday, Sept. 15, were as follows: 

  • Skeleton: The big clue seemed to be the number "4261." Perhaps that's a date of birth?
  • Fox: This contestant at one point refers to himself as a superhero, which could point to someone from the MCU.
  • Ice Cream: They have Valentine's Day circled on the calendar and say they live for "half of February."
  • Eagle: They make a big deal about their red bandana and point to an eagle's body temperature (106º F) as a clue.
  • Tree: Pointedly uses the word "delicious" to describe things and says even their friends and family have to be in disguise.