Who Is Jiraiya's Dad on 'Naruto'? Inside the Mystery

Kori Williams - Author

May 6 2021, Published 4:04 p.m. ET

Source: Aniplex

If you're just getting into watching Naruto, you can definitely get overwhelmed. The anime has been on the air for over 10 years, and there are a couple of spinoffs. That means that there are hundreds of episodes to get through and tons of characters to get to know.

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One of those characters is Jiraiya. He's Naruto's godfather even though he didn't want that title. (Naruto's parents made the decision for him.) But what about Jiraiya's own family? Does he have a dad of his own to help guide him the way that he's been able to do for Naruto?

Young Jiraiya
Source: Aniplex
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Who is Jiraiya's dad?

One of the biggest mysteries on Naruto is Jiraiya. As far as fans of the show know, Naruto is one of the only people confirmed to be related to him. Jiraiya does have a clone named Koji Kashin, who was created by a member of the secret society Kara named Amado, but that doesn't really mean they're related. 

Lots of fans think that Jiraiya's grandfather is Tobirama Senju, who was a member of the Senju clan and co-founded the first shinobi village. Even though Naruto doesn't confirm this, it's clear why people would think they share a bloodline. They look a lot alike. They both have white hair, a trait which not many characters in the series have, and they both have red markings on their faces. 

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Could Tobirama be related to Jiraiya?

Even though the two characters look a lot alike and share some unique features, other fans of the show say them being related doesn't make sense. For some, it's the fact that Jiraiya's parents are never talked about that's enough proof that he and Tobirama aren't related. The series has been out for so long that there's been plenty of time to say if these two are or not. 

Others believe that Tobirama died before he could have any kids so there's no way that he would be able to have a grandson. Because there's no proof, either way, a lot of fans have their own theories. 

Some say that Tobirama had kids, but they were never seen in the series because they didn't matter to the plotline. Others say that he died too young and was too dedicated to his cause to think about kids. 

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Source: Aniplex

But Tobirama does have some other family. On his page of the Naruto Fandom, he has a father, three brothers, a grandniece, and a grandnephew listed. For a lot of people, this is proof that he didn't have any kids and couldn't have a grandson. But if he and Jiraiya are related, why isn't he just listed here?

There is no proof that Tobirama and Jiraiya are related, but Tobirama seems to have an entire family tree available, which Jiraiya would presumably be included in if they are, in fact, related. 

It is possible that they just so happen to look alike. But there will always be those people who are looking for concrete proof. 

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