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Queers of the Internet Are Shook That Loora Wang's TikTok Partner Is Actually Her Sister



OK, OK, after long hearing about TikTok, the social media platform my brain is dying to equate to Vine, I finally decided to jump on the train after seeing this viral video of Loora Wang

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Considering I am something of a lesbian of note, I was quite taken by the videos of Loora and her adorable partner in crime, who many wrongfully assumed was her girlfriend. Alas, they are not a couple — but rather, sisters. *Cue gay shock and panic*

Anyway, since the internet has quickly become obsessed with these, let's just call them queer icons, Buzzfeed even noting that Loora's "butch swagger" is "making some people" (hello, me) "swoon" — we decided to compile everything you need to know about designer Loora Wang, aka the "umbrella hottie."

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Source: TikTok

So, who is Loora Wang?

"Who is Loora Wang?" is the question on everyone's mind this week, after seeing her viral TikTok videos and nearly 10k followers. It appears this sartorial lady has opened her TikTok account with the express purpose of showing off her amazing designs. 

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Source: TikTok

While it doesn't seem like Loora has any English-language social media, fans can admire her on TikTok and Douyin, a Chinese platform.

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Watch Loora and her sister strut around in complementary pantsuits, flowy shirts, and patterned skirts, always wearing ultra-stylish signature stilettos. In short, I echo all of Twitter when I say I wish I could befriend her. "I'm obsessed," writes one person. "Someone love me like this."

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Many fans are also taken by the umbrella video, in which Loora's sister (heretofore "the woman in red") machine-guns an umbrella at the camera. "The first 100 views I thought the woman in red was struggling to open the umbrella cuz I was so mesmerized by the other woman. But then I realized she was playing machine gun," wrote one.

"I suddenly have a whole new understanding of them and I don't know which one I'm stanning more," they said. "I love the slight little smirk she gives at the end, don't even try her," added another. "That's mesmerizing. She's gorgeous," echoed one fan who is all of us watching Loora's content.

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"How does she open that umbrella and how can I be her?" asked another fan. While I admit it's hard to imagine anyone becoming as magical or mesmerizing as Loora and her sis, I'm happy to share she is a fashion designer whose label, Loora PWD, walked just a couple of months ago at the Shenzhen Fashion Show.

Check out Loora PWD's jaw-dropping looks here, and make sure to follow her account, @Loora8888 on TikTok. Her videos alone are enough reason to download the app, if you ask me. 

"I have fallen down the Loora Wang rabbit hole," wrote another fan on Twitter. "Great marketing, great clothes, great energy. Where is my Netflix special on her and her sister?"

We will be sure to update this page when (hopefully not if) this Netflix series becomes a thing.

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