A TikTok User Says He Was in the Montgomery Fight and Is "Speaking Out"

After a massive fight broke out in Montgomery, Alabama, TikTok user nov10scorpio is claiming he was involved and that he now has to 'speak out.'


Aug. 8 2023, Updated 11:05 a.m. ET

After a massive, racially-tinged brawl in Montgomery, Ala. went viral over the weekend, many who saw clips from the fighting on social media wanted to learn more about what happened. We know that some people have been arrested in relation to the incident, and we also know that the mayor of Montgomery promised consequences for the white men who had started all the fighting.

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Now, a TikTok user with the handle nov10scorpio is going viral for a video in which he claims to be one of the people who was involved in the fighting, and he says he's speaking out for the first time.

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Who is nov10scorpio on TikTok?

In a short clip posted to nov10scorpio's account, a man appears on camera with two black eyes, a scrape across his nose, and tissue stuffed up both of his nostrils. In the clip, which lasted a total of nine seconds, the man says "well, turns out that 65-year-old man could really f--kin' throw them."

While the video has gone viral because some believe it to be real, many on TikTok are less convinced.

Although the bruises and scrape are convincing, the account in question features multiple videos that poke fun at the Montgomery brawl, which seems to suggest that the account as a whole is just a parody account. On top of that, it's unclear who the 65-year-old man the man in the video refers to actually is.

“I don’t think this is really one of them but it’s hilarious,” one person wrote in the comments

“This can’t be real but I’m crying,” another added.

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The Montgomery fight has been a major topic of conversation.

Although it seems unlikely that the man in the video is actually someone involved in the Montgomery fight, it makes sense that this person would want to capitalize on the momentum around the discussion of the fight.

The fight first broke out after a Black security guard asked the white owners of a pontoon boat to move their boat so that another boat could dock.

Source: TikTok/@nov10scorpio
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When those pontoon boat owners got violent with the security guard and started beating him up, several other Black men came to the security guard's aid. The first bout of fighting ended shortly afterward, but it eventually spilled out onto the whole dock, with people pushing and shoving each other in all directions, and one man who started to attack people with a folding chair. Most of the violence happened across racial lines, further complicating the events.

While we haven't heard from anyone that we can verify was involved in the violence, much of the discussion online was about the way this violence intersects with the long history of racial tension across the US, and in the Deep South in particular.

Of course, as is always the case, there were also plenty of people making fun of the fighters, and particularly of the pontoon boat owners who wound up getting pretty severely beat after they started the violence in the first place.

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