Who Is S'More on 'The Masked Singer'? It's This Former Boy Bander...

Who is S'More on 'The Masked Singer'? Their identity has been revealed on Season 10 of the popular reality singing competition.

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Nov. 29 2023, Updated 9:08 p.m. ET

S'More in 'The Masked Singer'
Source: Fox

The Gist:

  • S'More's identity has finally been revealed.
  • They've dropped some pretty big clues.
  • The judges have their guesses in — and one guessed correctly!
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Season 10 of The Masked Singer is officially underway. While fans were graced with a kickoff special earlier in September, the competition starts in full force as your favorite panelists return for the landmark installment of the popular reality singing competition. With more themes, epic performances, and shocking unmaskings, the winner for this season is literally anyone's guess.

Among the competitors is S'More, who's got a bit of a Zorro-themed appearance, is based on the classic campfire snack. They may not be the only competitor in Season 10 based on a sweet treat, but they're still looking to set the competition ablaze.

Who is S'More on The Masked Singer? Find out below!

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S'More dancing on 'The Masked Singer'
Source: Fox

S'More on 'The Masked Singer' — The Clues

Episode 2 Clues:

  • "I started out on a rocket to fame, a journey from obscurity to major heartthrob status in a matter of weeks."
  • Tip jar
  • Chicago deep-dish pizza and soda
  • Christmas tree with an angel topper
  • The phrase "Starring S'More." (S'More said, "As you can tell, I'm very talented on and off stage.")
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Episode 3 Clues:

  • Cauldron
  • TV displaying the letter M
  • Got an opportunity to work with an industry legend in high school.
  • Performed on Broadway
  • Game console
  • Oranges (S’More said, “I’ve tasted victory before and it’s so sweet, I hope to do so again here at The Masked Singer.”)

Episode 4 Clues:

  • Hung out on the set of TRL
  • Had his music videos played on MTV
  • Blue sunglasses
  • Had a kid born in the 2000s
  • Tour bus with 2005 signage
  • Hairspray
  • Took a step back from performing when his kid was young
  • A map of the S’More Bros 2000 Tour with stops all over the U.S. (S’More said, “The 2000s were a busy time for me. I was busy touring with my bros.”)
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Episode 9 Clues:

  • Bear
  • Gator boots
  • Stationary bike
  • Two 10-pound weights
  • Disco Night clue: Golden key. S’more said, “Robin, I’ve been inside your house, and you have great taste in music and home decor.”

S'More on 'The Masked Singer' — The Guesses

Spoiler alert! While we don't know for sure who is behind the S'More mask, the correct identity may be spoiled in the guesses below.

Episode 2 Guesses:

  • Nicole: Joey McIntyre
  • Robin: Kevin Richardson
  • Jenny McCarthy: Justin Guarini
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JC Chasez, Kevin Richardson, and Simu Liu
Source: Getty Images

Episode 3 Guesses:

  • Nicole: JC Chasez
  • Robin: Kevin Richardson
  • Ken: Simu Liu
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Jordan Knight, Rob Thomas, and Ashley Parker Angel
Source: Getty Images

Episode 4 Guesses:

  • Nicole: Jordan Knight, James Marsden
  • Ken: Rob Thomas
  • Jenny: Ashley Parker Angel
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Episode 9 Guesses:

Robin: Kevin Richardson

Jenny: Ashley Parker Angel

Nicole: Jordan Knight

So, who is S'More on 'The Masked Singer'? The answer is… Ashley Parker Angel!

ashley parker angel masked singer
Source: FOX

It was revealed that S'More was former boy-bander Ashley Parker Angel, from the group O-Town, which means Jenny picked correctly!

Catch new episodes of The Masked Singer every Wednesday at 8 p.m. EST on Fox.

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