Ken Jennings hosting 'Jeopardy!'
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We'll Take "Who Is the New Host of 'Jeopardy!'?" for $1,000


Feb. 11 2022, Published 6:36 p.m. ET

Former Jeopardy! champion Ken Jennings and actor-neuroscientist Mayim Bialik have been pulling double (Jeopardy) duty as the hosts of the popular game show after the unfortunate passing of longtime host Alex Trebek. And while it's certainly interesting watching two hosts with different styles tackle this auspicious job, the show still feels a bit unsettled. When will we finally land on the new and permanent host of Jeopardy!? Please answer in the form of a question.

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Who is the new host of 'Jeopardy!'? Is there a permanent host of 'Jeopardy!' yet?

Both Ken and Mayim are slated to host Jeopardy! through Season 38, which, according to Deadline, ends July 29, 2022. As of now, they each host the show based on their availability, though Mayim is the only one hosting the two-week National College Championship that kicked off Feb. 8. In an interview with EW, she likened it to March Madness, "but for Jeopardy!"

As of now, it is unclear whether the two will become permanent hosts.

Mayim Bialik and Ken Jennings
Source: ABC

Mayim Bialik and Ken Jennings

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It's only natural that the new hosts might do things to make the show more their own, but some fans aren't too happy with at least one update Mayim has made. Evidently she started referring to the first round of Jeopardy as "Single Jeopardy," instead of what it's normally called which is simply "Jeopardy." This makes sense because round two is called "Double Jeopardy." Sadly we live in a world where people fear change, and do irrational things like call Mayim a "monster" on social media.

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There are a lot of fun surprises in 'Jeopardy!'s' future!

Don't forget, the show also has a brand-new executive producer in the form of Michael Davies, who is bringing a few new ideas to the table. Relax, everybody — updating Jeopardy! doesn't mean we've all forgotten Alex Trebek. These new adventures add to an incredible legacy Alex spent decades building.

In a recent blog post on the Jeopardy! site, Michael dropped the announcement that a postseason Second Chance Tournament was on the horizon. This idea was solidified when the structure of the Jeopardy! National College Championship didn't allow for one semifinalist to advance to the finals, so why not have a new tournament for that person, and others like them?

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Michael revealed that he began thinking about a Second Chance Tournament almost the day he started working as executive producer. He explained that after witnessing Jessica Stephens beat Matt Amodio, but ultimately losing to Jonathan Fisher by a mere $401, he thought to himself: "Wow, wouldn’t it be a cool idea to have a tournament where we bring excellent contestants like Jessica back?" Luckily, it turned out that other people both inside and outside of the show had already had the same idea.

They are only looking at contestants who played before the last Tournament of Champions, and it will air before the next. This is a very sweet idea!

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Speaking of sweet ideas, Michael said in his post that he is also kicking around a possible Jeopardy! Book Club. Not only does the show revolve around reading books for research purposes, but the show's staff are also avid readers. In his post, Michael mentioned coming upon senior researcher Michael Harris reading a book at his desk. Harris quickly put it away, but Michael Davies could not have been happier, even asking him what book he was reading (“Bullet Train” by Kotaro Isaka).

And thus the dream of a Jeopardy! Book Club took form. As of now there are no more details other than the desire to have one, but Michael hopes to work with libraries and independent bookstores all over the country to bring this to fruition. He did assure anyone reading that if an idea ends up on the Jeopardy! website, it's likely to happen. We're gonna hold him to that!

Jeopardy! airs weeknights at 7 p.m. EST on ABC.

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