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Source: apple

Will the Real Siri Please Stand Up? Find Out if Siri Is Voiced by a Person or a Robot


Most of my interactions with Siri end with people yelling at the voice assistant who chimes in during the middle of a conversation. "No one was talking to you Siri, butt out!" But don't be too harsh on Apple's smart technology, because you're yelling at a person at the end of the day.

While there are some people who believe that Siri's voice is a computer-based algorithm, which isn't far-fetched to believe because there are robots that read the news, someone actually voices Siri — but who is it?

Who is the real voice of Siri? Meet actress Susan Bennett.

In an interview with CNN, Susan revealed that she had no idea that her voice was being used for Apple's products until a friend of hers reached out after hearing the debut of the only-sometimes-helpful virtual assistant. "A colleague emailed me [about Siri] and said, ‘Hey, we’ve been playing around with this new Apple phone. Isn’t this you?'" Susan said.