Who Is the Narrator of the Original 'Wonder Years'? You've Seen This Actor Before

Mustafa Gatollari - Author

Oct. 20 2021, Published 11:39 a.m. ET

Daniel Stern, The Wonder Years
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Nostalgia. There's something about it that makes people feel all warm and fuzzy and reflective. Sometimes nostalgia can be a curse because you're constantly living in the past, and your future just fades away. But just the right amount can be used to propel you forward to create a bunch of new memories that you'll look fondly back on.

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And The Wonder Years is all about that phenomenon. The show's contemplative narrator, always looking back on the past, became the voice of nostalgia for viewers everywhere. But who is the actor behind the narrator of the original Wonder Years?

Who is the original Wonder Years narrator
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Who narrated the original 'Wonder Years'?

The reboot of The Wonder Years, which follows a middle-class family living in 1968 Alabama, is narrated by the Oscar-nominated and super versatile Don Cheadle. From starring in Marvel flicks, to a series about a grimy con man, to heartrending dramas, heist flicks ... you name it, Cheadle's done it. And now he's narrating the reboot of one of America's most beloved TV shows.

The original Wonder Years is narrated by another actor who probably doesn't have the same name recognition as Cheadle but is a recognizable face nonetheless, thanks to his casting in one of the most beloved '90s family films and Christmas traditions of all time: Home Alone.

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No, Joe Pesci isn't the narrator of The Wonder Years, although that would be incredible and make for a very, very different show. And neither is the actor who plays Kevin McCallister's dad who must make a serious living in order to have a family that large and afford such a massive home in the suburbs of Chicago. (Living in Winnetka costs a pretty penny.)

It's Daniel Stern, aka Marv! The Bethesda Maryland native made his feature film debut in 1979's Breaking Away, a movie about a teen who is obsessed with the Italian cycling team as he navigates growing into adulthood.

He then went on to play Hare Krishna in One-Trick Pony and secured a recurring role in the 1985 TV series Hometown.

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In 1988, he was picked to narrate The Wonder Years, and interestingly enough, this wasn't the first time that Stern worked with Fred Savage. He took on the role of Glen Stevenson in the 1989 flick, Little Monsters, which also starred the young actor.

Following Home Alone, Stern had roles in several high-profile comedies, including Rookie of the Year, City Slickers, Bushwacked, and Celtic Pride.

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Daniel Stern did other pro voiceover work in addition to being a narrator for the original 'Wonder Years.'

He had a role in Hey Arnold! and reprised his narrator role for a Family Guy episode. Stern also had a short-lived sitcom, Danny, that was launched in 2001 on CBS but was unfortunately canceled. Two years later he starred in Regular Joe, which was also canceled after five episodes.

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While he's stayed busy acting in various projects with recurring roles in Shrill and Manhattan, Stern has also directed, written, and produced a few projects over the years.

For many folks, however, he will always be Marv. What I like about Stern is just how specific he is, which is a great thing to be for an entertainer.

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