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Source: The CW

Jahking Guillory's Brandon From 'Black Lightning' Just Might Be an Adaptation of DC's Geo-Force


From his gorgeous hair to his effortless wit and charm, it's easy to see why Black Lightning fans are so smitten by Garfield High's newest student, Brandon. But as viewers quickly learned, there's much more to him than meets the eye. 

By now, we've all learned quite a lot about the mysterious character, but at the end of the day, can he be trusted? And most importantly, is he an adaptation of the DC superhero, Geo-Force? Here's what we know. 

Who exactly is Brandon in 'Black Lightning'?

He first appeared as the new kid at Garfield High in "The Book of Occupation: Chapter Three." After Jennifer gave him a rather depressing (and brief) tour of the school, it was already clear that these two had chemistry (even if they were bickering). 

But by Season 5, he proved to be more than just a cute potential love interest. When he tried to hold Jennifer back from defending her dad, she realized that he had powers too.