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Source: Getty

Stephanie Szostak Plays Delilah, an Independent Mother in 'A Million Little Things'


The first episode of A Million Little Things was not generous with Delilah Dixon. 

Having spent a large chunk of her adulthood in a happy marriage with Jon (Ron Livington), the 40-something is devastated to find out that he took his own life. 

In the course of the past two seasons of the show, we watched Delilah come to terms with the death of her husband, slowly finding her feet again.

Who plays Delilah on A Million Little Things? 

Delilah, the mother-of-three who tries her very best to have it all is played by Stephanie Szostak, a French actress with decades of industry experience. 

In the past few episodes of A Million Little Things alone, we watched Delilah deal with all sorts of difficulties, from raising an infant to camouflaging the last remainders of a past romantic affair with varying degrees of success. 

This could have posed challenges for a less experienced actress, but not Stephanie.